Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


lol!! i love the last alien. You are pretty good at designing those. I shall expect to see a alien galary somewhere not far in the future.


Chiao Fabio!

How come I never looked at your thread? So many ideas! Great aliens, even greater modeling - can’t wait to see how you’ll put it together :slight_smile:


Dimitrij :slight_smile:


Oz is a beast and this slug alien model proves its, great idea cant wait to see the whole model.


Hey Fabio, awesome designs and model on your concept!! really cool and superb work!! great!! Your concept is wroging an developing in an incredible way! :slight_smile: and waiting for more updates!! Cheers mate! :beer:


Fantastic work. This is going to be incredible when it all comes together. Great job sir!


I like this latest new alien a lot - great silhouette and interesting shapes and details. Can’t wait to see the rest of him (/her/it.) Good luck with the rest!


Great Concept( Alien)s and Modeling you’ve done here :slight_smile:
Especially the last one and that one on Post 64 :wink:


Great modelling :slight_smile: That gorilla looks fabulous.


I realy like the slug character, excelent design.


Your challenge page is truely an inspiring visual research. A great variety of character designs which all have their own personalities. I find your last model is the strongest one which kept a nice balance between volume and shape. Keep it up! :slight_smile:


So much beautiful art here, and so may fantastic designs…! Amazing thread indeed


TO JackZhang: AAAAH! AN alien gallery! he he cool idea…! mmh there are so many aliens that i designed but will be never modeled due to out of time matter!Hope u will like the 4 new i still have to post here.

To Ivy00 :TNX A LOT Linda! I like a your work too! Ur drawings are so much “magic filled”.

to nmcelmury: ARGH! texturing kills me…im a bit slow doin’that…But im really glad to read that the overall stuff works well.Tnx 4 ur comments i really apreciate it!

to Cographicz: HEY! nice to see u here…u know?im craZed By YoUr Mushrooms!! texture 9 roks really!! i vote 4 that!..

to KOryH::bowdown: thank you…:bowdown: Thank you… (too much 4 me)

to nwiz25 (the man with the RenderMAN) (render = render MANO in italian is “HAND” so…renderMANO…then…RenderMAN-o…and at last RenderMAN…the man with the render in the hand… Forgive me… i have 2 hours of sleep on my back today… he…HEheHEeEEh…skizoid!) :TNX MAN!! 4 ur support!..it helps a lot!

to scala: OH YOU MONSTER OF 2d! so happy u like my stuff!!

to lucar: TNX …geee tnx! well…you are right…the junction is to be heavyer as a couple of detail here and there in the model. Is a bit difficult as a character to do…it make me struggle about different aspect of it…i dont want a perfect robot gorilla replica…but i MUST make it recognisable and credible. It is a challenge in the challege.

to lauranonce: TNX LAURA…glad u like this stuff…let me ask to u…where is Bagnacavallo? u did a very good work too (CGportfolio also).


TO handlebar: ooooH! someone huo loves the “LITTLE GREEN”…i like a lot too!Tnx 4 ur comments about this “still on the run” stuff! it Help a lot.

to jimmydog:HI M8! he he he…mmh… good idea to reuse it!..maybe as texture somewhere!

to Sleepyghost: YOU ARE RIGHT!! I have noticed the very same thing.SO…i re-designed the scene several times.Im currently at version 23.That is a blend between the two version that you can see posted here. I got a lot to do on it…difficul…very dfficult.

to SittingDucky: YEAH! as u can see somewhere the SLUG alien is under modeling!! Im near to close it!

to odedios: TNX MAN! HEY! ur portfolio is empty!! where to see your stuff??

to sasquatch70:WOW thx! yes! i hope so…i point on a blend between different media.Exciting but difficult.

to KU2GUN: ! ! ! COOL…! so u will be in video challenge? maybe we see soon! Tnx posting here…and…good luck!


Really Cool Stuff Man!!! I’m too happy to see you here Oscar! :wavey:


So the model is close to be completed.
just some little work on the head…and it is ready.


posed and textured…this is what you probably see in the final image.


another angle…


hi OZ,
nice Alien design!


Awesome slug :slight_smile: Cool! Can’t wait to see the whole composition :slight_smile:



This is a very particular piece. The crilian character is a robot body that drive a spherical water can.
Into the can there is a colony of crilian creatures…that are an uplift of “Artemia salina” or sea monkey a crustacean rece from planet earth. The crilian works together as a single mind,but with Remarkable quick response and sense of organization.