Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


( i’m ready man :buttrock: )

  • Happy to see that the image is’ taking body , i like much the gorilla.
    Hey ! were you think to put the "first picasso style poster " ?


Love your wicked alien design and the very powerful looking robogorilla, great modeling and texturing too. On the ideas about which way to go 3D, or 2D… I don’t think you can fail either way.

As for the scene, the more mundane shopping street of the concept was working a bit better for me than the new more epic view. The new scene is very grandiose but as you are doing such a good job with the aliens I hope you will keep them as a focus. Just my 2 cents.


great concepts man, so many of them! also like that green alien and robogorilla model is very cool! oh and i must not forget the slugg : ))


New body work in progress…


Nice progress OZ, i like this alian a lot.


great modeling OZ. i like your alien. Good. good.


Hello OZ,

Your concept/comp looks great. A nice mix of 2D 3D should get you where you want to go. Keep on truckin!


I have made my mind up to continue on the “video category” on this challenge. Thus I gave up the “image category”. I wish i have time to complete both but schedule is tough and time gets short. I pray and hope i can produce a good video here. :cool:. Let’s see anyway.

Your “alien” seems original to me. Go on!


Fabio it’s always a pleasure to see your progress .I wish I could use 3D like you .


Just to give an idea of the mood i hope to put into the final image today i modeled a couple of buildings for the spaceport that works as background.


…so i did some tests on the lighting and colour palette…


oh wow! great stuff!



Wow I love your last image! Reminds me of some John Berkey :slight_smile:


just stuff…


that gorilla looks fantastic. watching your portfolio i now already im gonna get a Woaw soon . !



The modelling is great - but the texturing is unbelievable!


sorry I have not commented on your last few entries but im back now and I love your texture work and from what I can see most of it looks fairly low poly too, great job. Only thing I have to comment on is the scene with the alien and gorilla-bot. I think the scene looks alittle off with the size adjustment (the gorilla is to small or the alien is to tall, unless that is what you where going for (if so discard this)). Other then that you are doing great.


Hey oz :D. Its been a while hasn’t it? Maybe 4 years since we last challenged!? Well this one is looking as epic as ever man. Can’t wait to see you peice all this together to form your imagination into view!



I’m really enjoying the development of your work here, the models look great and the texturing is excellent. I can’t wait to see the end result.


Slug alien in progress…