Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


i like the gorilla head … keep it coming along :thumbsup:


definitely like the gorilla head man, you should definitely finish that dude up


hey bro!! :stuck_out_tongue: love the alien concepts! plus your latest update :eek: i think for the earlier post with the alien head … #27 … once you start adding more GI and SSS … you’ll nail the look and feel pretty well! :wink: good luck ma man! :thumbsup: have fun! :stuck_out_tongue:


Good gorilla, I like your design :wink:

Good luck !


Hello Oz. Looks like you’ve been very productive. Thats the hardest part of this contest is finding the time. Everything looks and feels very cohesive at this point. Can’t wait to see it all materialize. Awesome aliens, and your gorillas are mean as hell. Great work!


I love those heads. specially the last one. keep up the good work!


Early model of the robot gorilla arm.Hope u like it.Massive uh?


Pose test for the upgore or roborilla (i like waste time finding names for my unfinished charecters…hem)…well…the model is only referential but makes me understand the potential of a character…
Now i have to refine the model and texture it.what did u think about this guy??


These concepts are fantastic I especially love the model of the robot arms :slight_smile:


Damn, nice work OZ. That gorilla is great. very nice texture work on his arm. Keep it up! Should turn out to be a nice piece!


kool idea with gorillaz now they will be strong and bullet proof. keep up the good work.


It’s now official…
your’e awsome!

I can’t wait to see some environments!


this is coming out really well dude! :eek: awesome texture work! :stuck_out_tongue:


Fabio it’s getting better and better each time


good work!! especially the the top (I am not entirely convinced by the junction of the torso with legs)

good luck!



To Andy–Jones: Hi Andy! thx 4 ur comments!! and interesting qustions too.
Well…i plan to obtain an image that looks like a true classic illustration. so…im still thinking what to do in 2d and in 3d or if do everything in 3d and then retouch it.I have a lot of ideas…one less probable than the others…:smiley: like apply decorative paper scans as texture for my characters…(i have too little sleep I fear!!and this ideas are the conseguences!!).Seriously…i point to a blend.

to jimmydog: HEY M8!! WE HAVE TO ENTER THE ANIMATION CHALLENGE!! so cool the ideas we talk about uh??

to odedios: OH MAN THANK U VERY MUCH!! Ill be happy if I finish the image…winning? a nice dream! :smiley: Anyway…i agree with u about colours.Yes…u hit the point…the 2d painted colours works far more better that the 3d Counterpart.At last i think that i will map the 2d colours on the models…

to Pearlyking: TNX! TNX! TNX! i hope to do it better! what u have under ur eyes are only rendertests…but if u like it anyway,well,u make me happy!!

to Maph: OH thank u!! argh! making the bodyes is killing me!! sooo long!


TO scala: U are too kind ! tnx a lot! glad u like my stuff!

to nightwoodwolf:Oh man tnx… ps: ur portfolio is great!

to nmcelmury: I hope so!! Ill be so happy if i finish this challenge.I got a family and businnes to follow…usually i have no time to finish the challenge.Well…ur comments helps a lot to encourage me to run till the end!!!

to nwiz25:AAAAARGH! i got a big problem with sss…i EVERYTIME have issues with shadows…bwaaa haaa haaaee:cry: …someone may help me!!? But…tnx a lot! i appreciate a lot ur comments and im happy u like this stuff.HUGH! now i return to texturing work.

to pitiwazou:TNX! i like ur work too!

to sasquatch70: U ARE SOoo RIGHT!! more time needed.!! uaaah! tnx man…glad u post here


Wow! great concept and model!


Great progress Oz, i especialy like the green alian character.


A first scene analysis. almost no element in the scene is in it final form.Anyway take a look and please tell me what u think.

tnx all…