Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


to TCPortfolio: Tnx Trey! hey…can i give my character (human) your name? Trey…just cool!
i have a lot of project for that characters! Looks like people like to see a more dinamic scene…
So i want to make something more…starting by naming my characers.mmm…
TREY T. STONE…what didi you think? can i call the guy this way uh?

to dustbin1uk: WOW! tnx a lot…you given me a great support! i must to thank you!

to lauranonce:TNX! i love doing heads more than everything else!!Glad u like it!

to Gnomeish: None of that. My models are done with traditional modeling way like subdivision surfece.

to Blachart67: TNX TNX TNX…yes…im not sure…or better…i dont like a lot my ways of texturing…there are guys out there that did amazing jobs…damn…ive so much to learn!

to Ataulfo:HEY! DID YOU SEE? i have followed your advices and i totally change the first image to a second really really better! tnx!!

to Ferx: OOOW TNX! YEEEEEAAH! i need to sleep for weeekS! gosh…i feel a bit better after a couple of days and…believe me or not…after read at you i goes to the bar near my office and i had a DESPERADO! a beer and tequila mix! OOOWW SWWWEET…so consider the beertouch done for real!!gggreat!:beer:


man i really like the way this was going…

i think a bit more GI and reflections would have done it more justice but in the end it came out to be an excellent image none the less…
good stuff


the story…aaah guys…some work trouble take us away the little time to finish…so…is sure we cant close in time…SADNESS!


The message is pretty good, we Come replies ah


Really Great Thread Buddy… as your usual!!! :smiley:


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