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as I just said it’s nice to come and reach the challenge but give me the time to read the book , I hope i’m gonna have it in next days.


Nice sketches, look like something out of Hellraiser :thumbsup: Good luck!


thanks a lot Simon I really enjoy to be there . And i’m curious to see the work of the others and specially guys like you in your Univers it’s gonna be great Good luck to you Simon "Baron impossible "


a warm welcome to you eric! :stuck_out_tongue: great to see you here too! :bounce:
very cool concepts dude! me very curious to see the whole scene come together! :smiley:
good luck mate! :thumbsup:


Those are neat sketches! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.
Good luck for the challenge!


Thx a lot Neville its gonna be a pleasure to be there with you till the end .

Thx to you Bronwen welcome to you and your lovely idea .


It’s great to see you in, Eric, welcome and good luck!
May I confess that I envy your pencil skill to no end? Great sketches!


I’ll keep an eye on this thread !
Bonne chance m’sieur :slight_smile:


Thx Tiziano I’ve got a box full of sketch book , it’s good for my blood pression . I hope .

Thx nabil Bonne chance to you too and let’s have a little fun .


I hope to see your entry to its end. Welcome and good luck eric.:thumbsup:


Aha Eric,
Found you at last. I know darned well that your entry will be full of wit and invention, and am intrigued as to quite what treats you are about to lay at our feet. Can’t wait.


Based on my Rorch’art serie . I’m looking for aliens characters here is one maybe.


Veery cool!! Your art and design giving real inspiration…
Waiting to see more with impatient…


beautiful sketches, can’t wait to see where you going with it :slight_smile:



I will follow all that of loan, good recreation it is already well I
like the matter.


I’m intrigued :slight_smile: Nice sketches would love to see what it will develop into.

All the best.



hey eric. was witing for colors. looks wicked. ill be looking out for more!


Thanks Alperen , Alwyn , Eric , Dimitrij and Slav .There’s probably more sketches to come , and also more characters and I have to look for a concept too ( for the moment I’ve got some fun and some not fun at all)…a lot of work and I’m still expecting for the book .


Very nice concept work, I hope to see more soon.