Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Dimitrij Marufow


I like the colors, but I have issues with the values. I think more contrast should be more to the foreground, less in the background. You can also go with stronger drop shadows coming from everything that is in the foreground. I dont think the composition is strong either. It may just be the issues with your lighting. That is something that you can fix though, immediately. Try cropping left or right to better composition. Hope that helps. Later. :thumbsup:


SDIMIS: Ja su, Spyros! Thank you! I’m glad you like it! :slight_smile:

beelow: Thanks for your comment and critique, Bryce. Why do you think I should crop the image? It’s just that I feel that composition is one of my weaker sides and I would like to understand it better. I tried cropping, but I’m not sure if I like the result.

As I understand it the goal probably is to focus attention at the main characters and narrow the view accordingly?


Hey there HornlessUnicorn, I think you’ve got a nice image forming up here. I like the colors and flow of the brush work but there is an area that keeps catching my eyes. The placment of the right leg of the alien pod in the guys crotch. It looks…odd to me, the ways these two areas intersect. Specificly, the circle of the joint is directly in his crotch :). Perhapes shifting the figure or the pod over slightly would help the composition as well. You could also move the characters over to one side or the other and showcase the background a bit more. Just some ideas, keep the updates coming!



nice progress! like that sky you have there. in the concept i see a bunch other aliens… do they go?


Fetus23: Hi Ryan, thanks for your comments :). I’ll think about it. There’s a hole in his suit that’s why the leg is there, couldn’t afford the expensive material :wink: No, seriously I don’t really care about the crotch and don’t see a problem there. I can’t move them apart since the composition is set and they have to stand close to one another because of the touch. And it happened purely by accident. Why bother?

chilombiano: Hi Daniel! Thanks for your comments :). I’ve decided to concentrate on the central characters and not use the other aliens. I think it would be overcrowded. I wanted to concentrate on the emotional side and the isolated moment of contact (interaction) between human and alien.


I’ve made some changes here. Thanks everyone for the very helpfull suggestions and comments!


Just’ve seen something I’ve overlooked - I lifted the collar a bit (thanks Mr.Cranky) and it’s now “out of” the shadow. So I have to add that there…




I’ve done some more refinement work today.


Halo Dimitrij,
Looks great. I really like the orange yellow highlights on the mechanical part of the alien, and throughout the piece. It sharpens the image, I don’t know of you want to go with that amount of detail throughout, but right now it’s surving you well. Good work man.


Lots of nice touches to enjoy Dimitrij, one of the things I especially like is that the design of the alien technology reflects the shapes in the landscape around him. This is really cool because it places the alien firmly in the enviroment depsite his need for his life support/transport system. I can’t really add to advice that’s already been given, but I am enjoying watching this come together :slight_smile:


I’ve decided to try and change the legs of the enviroment vehicle of the alien. To solve the “crotch” problem and because I didn’t quite like the “flower”-joints of the legs. I went for a more semiorganic look…


sasquatch70: Thank you, Brad :slight_smile:

Pearlyking: Thank you, Bill :slight_smile: Actualy the idea behind the image is that two explorers from different worlds meet on an alien (to both of them) planet. I had the idea that this alien is not only using the “Quadrupod” as a spacesuit but also as a means to travel through space. Maybe it creates gateways through space and time. It might even be a creature from another dimension altogether…


Hey Dimitrij, I really like these last few sublte changes you’ve made to your image. My eyes are no longer attracted to the crotch area, I think you’re right and it was the star shape of the joint that was making me focus there. Great progress man, keep it coming!



Hi Dimitrij,

The colors read so well! The atmosphere is done great! All the sides of it; design, composition and contrast for your characters! Also they are representing each side also quit well, my only concern so far will be the for the alien’s legs; this will be the ones showing the front side and the back side (to the camera) are a bit to off, I don’t know if this is because of the land, or simply because its the way it is constructed? Any ways all the idea it’s very beautiful and you have an excellent progress in all the details! Can’t wait to see more! :slight_smile:


I can’t believe I’ve not commented on your entry yet. Then I realized there’s another Dimitrij here in this contest! No wonder! So here, please let me comment:

That’s a very unique color of the mechanical tripod the alien is riding on. I suggest having a soft glow emanating from the base of the tripod to reflect on the underside of the alien. The mist inside the capsule can serve to mystify the effect further. Perhaps you can distort the environment seen through the capsule and blur it slightly so that it will feel like real glass.

The human has an equally interesting costume design. Something that looks like what the aliens created specificially for him to be able to survive on their planet.

I am wondering why the aliens need to be in the capsule in the first place. Shouldn’t they be able to survive in their own environment?

All the best, Dimitrij!


Here is a paintover hope you don’t mind at all.


I think the main thing that was destroying the compo was the sun thing in the air and mainly just your range of values used in the wrong places. I moved that to the side and gave some variation to clouds to make a bit more interesting and set a good mood. You have some anatomy issues with the guy so I kinda painted it over a bit to show you what the pose should look like. one side should be a little beefier than the other. I pushed the those rock structures in the back further by lessening the value range. You can still have the detail but I think there should be less of a value range because of atmospheric perspective. YOu should also flip the canvas every now and then to get a fresh look at the painting. Because of the strong lightsource I added more darker drop shadows in the forground. I darkened right side of the canvas for better mood. There are some things that I forgot to paintover that I am seeing now that should be addressed as well. Extending the aliens legs and making it overlap the guy so that the alien is more in front of the guy. I think you can also use some the violet hues for shadow as well. I kinda exaggerated a lot there, but I think that you get the idea. I tried to crop canvas but didn’t look good. I think it was mainly the issues of the placement of things in your piece. where you placed the sun and just the values structures placements really hurt the piece. I think it would look better this way for sure. Better composition and design. Make sure you correct the guy as that centerline goes. I painted that in there. I hope this paintover better explained some of the earlier crits. Now I got to paint on my entry and try to update this weekend. I need to get some shut eye though. I will check back of course. Later.:wavey:


Firts time here…and…Well,im surprised finding a so good work. I like everythig into the image.
(all the aliens are very beautifull). I must to say that i like the beelow works ( looking at the cgportfolio) but i think that his version changes too much of the original feeling and clearness (forgive my english guys!! im struggling writing this!!) Maybe the scene need a bit of contrast just to add an accentuated sense of deepness and solidity, but the position of the sun and aliens looks perfect to me as it is.I repeat…i like beelow version too…but looks like a different image with a different meaning. :slight_smile: keep it up HornlessUnicorn (HornlessUnicorn?..:cool: ah! you genius).


[color=white]Wow! A lot of answering to do here ;-)[/color]

[color=sandybrown]Fetus23: Ryan, thank you![/color]

[color=sandybrown]AxelAlonso: Axel, thank you too! As for the legs they are constructed in such a way as to be very flexible etc.[/color]

[color=sandybrown]Jeromoo: Thank you, Jerome! Actually the idea was that they’re both on an alien planet (alien to both of them). The human came there as part of a ship’s crew and is exploring the planet and meets the alien there

[color=sandybrown]Beelow: Wow! You’ve really explained everything well. Thanks a lot Bryce! I really like what you did with the paint over. [/color]

Of course if I’d make all these changes it wouldn’t be what I had envisioned anymore. But thank you for the very helpful advice and I see that you put quite a lot of time and effort into it. I really appreciate that and I’ll certainly keep in mind what you said.

[color=sandybrown]Oz: Chiao Fabio! Thank you very much I’m glad you like my painting. I agree about what Bryce did – I like it also, but the changes would be too radical at this point and I guess it’s also a matter of perspective and personal style. I think I’ll concentrate on finishing this work soon and then start working on something new. [/color]

Cheers and thank you for everything, guys!



Thanks for reminding me about the glow reflecting from the underside of the alien. Actually I had a reflection there but later it got covered up by the mist and then I totaly forgot about it. So thanks a lot for reminding me!