Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Dimitrij Marufow


I like how it’s comin’ along HornlessUnicorn. Love that you using my favorite color also (purple) :slight_smile:


The perspective looks a little wonky to me. Based on the background depth and the placement of the aliens “legs,” the human appears to be on his “tippy-toes.”


Pegahoul - Thanks, Peter! I think it couldn’t be otherwise, since the sun is behind the “scene”.

TMArtist - Thanks, Anthony! Actually it’s not Arnold - it’s my face, you could say it’s a selfportrait :slight_smile:

Dragneye - Thanks Drew! Purple is a strong colour :slight_smile:

killer-instinct93 - Thank you Kevin, you’re absolutely right - that’s definately one of the issues I’ll have to work on.


this has become a solid piece of of artwork now, dimitrij…perhaps now there needs to be a slight hint of rock texture just underneath the aliens left most and top leg…naturally of lighter contrast…just enough revealed as if sand has lightly covered it. if done rightly it could help out with perspective aswell…

anyhow, this i slooking gorgeous!!




Hi dimitrij, I was reading some of the other comments and it got me thinking on what you could do to fix the little problems with the least amount of changes. As I see it there are two small issues (1) the overlaping legs (2) the perspective of the shadow on the human side. To fix the perspective around the human and alien legs you could extend the alien leg so that his limb touches down near the far right side (using the hinge dynamic you have already in place) this will allow you to alter the shape of the human feet to get a better placement. The other thing you could do is angle the shadow by about 30% right for the human legs, this will help the perspective of the whole image I think. I can think of a couple of other touches you could add but they’re not important at this stage. Keep it up, it’s coming together really well!


Marley: Thank you very much, mate. I think I’ve learned a lot from this contest. I’ve learned the value of good constructive criticism and the value of compliments. I wouldn’t want to miss this experience now :slight_smile: It’s so much fun and so many talented artist here!

Bill: Thanks a lot for all your suggestions and ideas, Bill! I’ve already made some changes and it’s going along well. I’ll be posting more shortly.

Thanks again, my friends

and good luck in the contest!:buttrock:


There’s still some refining to do, but on the whole it’s very close to being finished, I guess…


I really do enjoy the richness of the color palette, fantastic job!

Just visited your website, I love the Minotaur’s Leisure piece! Thumbs up!


:slight_smile: Thanks a lot for you comments, Donglu-LittleFish :slight_smile: It’s always a pleasure to get such positive feedback.

With each piece I get a better grip on Corel Painter and how to use it better, but you could say that I’m still at the beginning.

All the best and good luck in the contest!!



Hi dimitrij, that really works well (latest update). I have no more crits :slight_smile:


Klasse Farben, vor allem der Himmel ist genial!

Der Anzug des Menschen wirkt noch ein wenig platt, aber ansonsten fällt einem nur schwer was ein was man noch besser machen könnte!


Pearlyking: Thanks mate! I’ll probably let it rest for a day and then do some finishing touches.

Huggy: Hallo Gregor! Freut mich, dass Dir das Bild gefällt! Danke für den Tip mit dem Anzug - da ist wirklich was dran :slight_smile: Ich werde das Bild erstmal ein wenig ruhen lassen und dann wieder rangehen und die letzten Details herausarbeiten.


i really like your colour palette :stuck_out_tongue: i especially dig the part where you show a vivid connection between the alien and the human being! nice work! :thumbsup:


I think you have got it nailed!, Dimitrij.

Looking absolutely gorgeous!

well done



nwiz25: Thank you, Neville! I’m glad you like my painting :slight_smile:

LightSovereign: Thanks a lot, Marley! :slight_smile: I really apreciate it.

I’ll give it a little rest for now (had a lot of work today, too tired to work on the painting).

Thanks everyone - this contest is a great experience!!


Report X3H 39087

Exobotanist Erod Braskoor.

“We were studying the famous and mysterious sand corals on Zwootik 5. I was taking measurements and tissue samples in sector Zeta 23 when I heard a strange sound behind me.

I turned around and saw an ethereal sphere of blue light only a few meters from me. The next moment there was this strange spidery thing as if it came out of nowhere. After a few seconds of shock the voice of my suit awakened me out of my paralysis “Commencing defensive transformation stage
” I felt how the suit began to transform and all I could do was to think “NO! Stop defensive transformation!”. I don’t know why I thought that, but when I saw the eyes of the creature inside the “spider” I knew, don’t ask me how or why, that there was no danger


I love the flow of the clouds, and the geography, alot of little intracacies. It’s very painterly. One critique though. All the rocks and roots don’t seem to be connecting with the ground.They just kind of blend in. Maybe some harsher shadows and debris would solidify it all. Anyways, fantastic piece none the less.


Merhaba Dimitrij, i like your composition and colors are very well. Interesting environment design.

Great job, Keep it up! :thumbsup:


sasquatch70: Thank you Brad! Yes, you’re right about the rocks and roots - thanks a lot for your critique.

ahmetekn: Merhaba Ahmet! :slight_smile: Thanks mate - you also do great work! I’ll be following your thread with great interest.


Great colors and technique in hi-lighting.Beautiful work!:thumbsup: