Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Dimitrij Marufow


I wanted to add something alien to the landscape as well as a bit of sharpness. So this is what it looks like.


Nice landscape, coming along well. I’ll be interested to see how the characters fit in there. Keep up the good work!


I like to new additions. They give the eye something to focus on, but I suppose you will have to becareful where you place the figures to keep the composition balanced.


oh my oh my that background is breathtaking! lovely colors!


Done some more work on the background. Will be moving on to the foreground soon.


Thanks a lot for your comments Baron, Nekomouse and Pegahoul! :slight_smile:


Started the work on the foreground. There’s still lots of work and corrections to do but you can see where I’m heading now.


Gorgeous ethereal work already… the deep purples reds/browns etc are my favourites in any palette.

as a point of interest…if at any time you find there is too much going on, I wonder if blurring the background would help to draw attention to your characters…I remember seeing the artwork for the landscape develop earlier and had this thought back then…In anycase seems to be going swell so far.




I’ve decided to post this so that one can see the details better.


Thanks for your comment Marley! Talking about ethereal - your work is really ethereal - very original and fascinating style you have! You should add the one with the bird and fish to your portfolio - it looks great.

As for my painting - I’ve decided that less is more - so to say. I’ll not include the other aliens into the painting - I feel that it would be overloaded if I would. Maybe I should call it something like “Contact” or “New friend” or whatever… the thought behind it being that accidentally two explorers from different civilisations meet on an alien planet for the first time.




Looks good. It seems a shame to partially cover the interesting landscape outcropping you’ve created with the alien. Perhaps you could shift it to the left a little so it can be fully seen. Also, the human seems to be looking at us rather than at the alien.


very nice … one thing tho , the right arm seems very straight and very sticked to the body … i like the idea keep it coming


Looking good, well executed. A couple of things need work, though - the central composition isn’t working too well. I would suggest cropping left and / or right, or moving the characters to the right.

Also, you’ve illustrated one problem with doing the background first, rather than at the same time as the foreground - that you’ve covered up a lot of that excellent landscape!


[color=white]Thanks a lot for all the comments and especially for the critique I will consider everything. I’m not quite happy with the composition myself yet and I feel that composition is one of the areas where I need to work harder. As for the background and foreground problem – I see that too, but I’m not as worried about covering things actually – something in the background will always be covered by something in the foreground.[/color]

[color=white]I must admit that I’m a bit unused to work this way – posting WIP and all. I think that on the one hand it’s a great thing, because you get feedback early on and all - on the other hand it distracts from the intensity of the creative process or should I say the immersion into it by forcing you to show progress and maybe worrying to much about all kinds of things. It also creates a sense of urgency that in my opinion is not helpfull at all. [/color]

[color=white]I can’t really put it into words, but I find it distracting, maybe all the more so, because this is the first time for me.[/color]


[color=white]Thanks again BaronImpossible, Nightwoodwolf, Nickjsky![/color]
[color=white]and good luck to everyone![/color]
[color=white]Dimitri.[/color][color=white] [/color]


That’s looking awesome. I agree that it is a pity to cover such a masterfully painted background but eh, such is life. I have no doubt that your foreground characters will be just as beautiful.


Thank you Nekomouse!

I’m not quite happy with the human yet - I might have to rework that. I will post more later on.

Have fun and good luck!


for sure you got the relation with aliens here .Want to see more


I like the imaginative forms and the colours are rich. I think this is going to be a goodie.

I’m not sure what mood the main figure is conveying at the moment though. It seems like such a dramatic moment and I would expect a bit more of a facial expression.

Also, I think the composition could benefit from a little more light and shade. I tend to flatten things out myself and that is one of the habits that I am trying to break.

Overall though, really nice. Looking forward to seeing more.


Done some more work on the foreground. There’s still a lot to do.


Thanks a lot for your comments Eric and John!:slight_smile:

I agree about the shadows and they’re planned so to say - I’ll add them later.