Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Dimitrij Marufow


Thanks a lot for your feedback Eric and Nick :slight_smile: I’m glad you like my entry.

Later, my Friends :slight_smile:



Sir Dimitrij Marufow,

Ha-ha adds more importance already:D

I love the colors, the background, the design, the human and alien relationship and very importantly in my personal taste the encouraging of peace and respect in any relationship.:wise:

Great to see that in this or other worlds deserve that respect…:slight_smile:

:applause::thumbsup: Congratulations!:thumbsup::applause:


Thank you a lot, Sir Axel :slight_smile: :bowdown:

I’m glad you like my image. I’ve been quite busy lately, I might as yet do some little final finishing touches to my image - we’ll see.




Very, very nice work! I love it!


Thanks a lot, Mark! I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:




Hey Dimitrij. :beer:Great work - nice strong composition - and I like the textures you have worked up in the background. Alien guy looks suitably alien! I now see how one goes about posting a tweaked final image after posting the final! :applause:


Made some last “cosmetic” changes to the image. Well, that’s it I guess.

Report X3H 39087

Exobotanist Erod Braskoor.

“We were studying the famous and mysterious silicon-based “sand corals” on Zwootik 5. I was taking measurements and tissue samples in sector Zeta 23 when I heard a strange sound behind me.

I turned around and saw an ethereal sphere of blue light only a few meters from me. The next moment out of the light stepped this strange spidery thing as if it came out of nowhere. After a few seconds of shock the voice of my suit awakened me out of my paralysis “Commencing defensive transformation stage one
” I felt how the suit began to transform and all I could do was to think “NO! Stop defensive transformation!”. I don’t know why I thought that, but when I saw the eyes of the creature inside the “spider” I knew, don’t ask me how or why, that there was no danger.

We approached each other in absolute silence. What could words express in such a moment? Even if we could understand each other – words fail in a situation like this; something else takes over, something infinitely bigger than thoughts and words. I know this might sound crazy but in a way I felt as if I was looking into a mirror, when I placed my hand on the transparent bubble of the alien’s environmental vehicle. We may look very different and yet there’s only one consciousness. Whenever we look into the eyes of another we look into our own depths.”


Thank you Rupert!:bounce: It’s really appreciated and nice to see you here :slight_smile:

Good luck with your wonderfull entry :slight_smile:




nice result. wicked! but elegant!


Hey Daniel! Thanks for visiting :slight_smile: and commenting! It’s really appreciated.


Love your entry


Dimitrij, I’ve been re-reading your story over and over again, and I must confess that the idea behind the picture is what I like the most about your entry. :wise: I think we share the idea that there is a common denominator to life across the universe; which is empathy and finding a bit of ourselves in every other living being.
Our images may look different, but the principle behind them is the same.

Much appreciation mate.


You did a nice work Dimitrij also with the story . Good Luck


Gerardo and Eric: thanks so much for your comments, my Friends :slight_smile: And I’m very glad you like the story as well.

Yes Gerardo - I think that at our very core - if you cast away all the superficial differences - we’re all basicaly the “one” Being or to put it into other words - we’re apertures through which the Universe can know and inquire about itself.

I think that the most important question in life is “Who are you?” and that is, I think, the true reason why we find aliens so fascinating.

Through them - so we hope - we can better understand who we are and what our place in this world is.

But enough philosophy - I wish you the very best of luck and all the best!



Nice mood there ^^, and I like the story. Great work!


Inspired by Eric Scala I’ve decided to take the time and express my gratitude to all the talented artists who have made this contest so much fun and helped with their ideas, suggestions, comments and critique.

My deepest gratitude and thanks to you all, my dear friends :slight_smile:

Ahmet Arif Eken

Andrew Alexandris

Anthony Moy

Axel Alonso

Bill Corbett

Brad Staley

Bronwen Wheeler

Bryce Smith

Daniel Bayona

Donglu Yu

Eric Scala

Fabio Oscar Corica

Fernando Porcel

Gerardo Lin

Guillermo Smith

Jeremy Cox

Jerome Moo

John Keates

John Thomas Delaney

Kevin McCullough

Leonard Halmrast

Levent Gocer

Mark Johnson

Marley Mcleay

Martin Nielsen

Morgan Villette

Nathaniel West

Neville Dsouza

Nick Harris

Nick Jacoubowsky


Peter Prabowo

Rupert Dolby

Ryan Love

Simon Dominic Brewer

Spyros Dimitropoulos

Sincerely yours,

Dimitrij Marufow.


This turned out a very nice pic man. Congrats.


Thanks a lot, mate :slight_smile:




I agree, it turned out excellently. There’s a lot I like about this piece but it’s the atmospheric lighting that really makes it in the end. Well done!!


Thank you so much, Simon - it realy means a lot to me :slight_smile:


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