Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Dimitrij Marufow


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This is just an early concept of what I want to do.


Cool! I like this a lot!


I love this idea, HornlessUnicorn! And you already have a great sketch even at the concept stage.

I’m wondering though if maybe the vehicle could match the serpentine body of the alien. But I’m coming from the idea that we as humans always anthropomorphisize things around us so I guess I’d expect the alien to do that as well. But what do I know about how aliens think?

Great art so far.


Thanks Nathaniel!

I just checked your portfolio - great stuff! I admire your use of light in your paintings - it’s awesome.




Thanks JTD!

I know what you mean - that’s pretty smart thinking!
It’s just that I thought that maybe this alien comes from a world where there’s no need for legs (maybe from the deep) and to be able to communicate with other races he needs this bubble-exoskeleton or whatever. So he’s basically mimicking other races.




That’s an awesome idea, will be watching where you go with it. :thumbsup:


Played around with the earlier concept a bit.

Working title “The Oath”.

The idea is that a new race has been accepted in the interstellar alliance. The new race are humans.

The image depicts the traditional ceremony of acceptance.

Thanks Wolfmanyoda :slight_smile:


the moment of contact between two civilizations, i like the way you are showing that moment, i also like the aliens designs. Great work Dimitrij


Working on the background here.


I’m in a little dilemma here. Initialy I wanted to make my painting in a wide (Landscape) orientation. Now I’ve read that balistic (in a certain sense) prefers the portrait orientation. This is the first time I take part in a contest on CGC what would you guys suggest I should do? Change orientation or is it OK?


Thank you, Reynard! :slight_smile:


Looking good, I especially like the lighting. A word of caution, though, if you’re going for a panorama with multiple characters make sure your central characters stand out as a focus. If they get lost then it may appear a bit confusing. Nice work, keep it up!


Oh Wow! I adore the colours you’ve used.
I’ll be keeping an eye on this one for sure.
Good luck.


Thanks for the comments BaronImpossible! - I know what you mean, I’ll be changing to portrait orientation anyway I guess.

Thank you Nekomouse!
Good luck to everyone!


Concept is good but your drawing style even better.
Background seems not bad but you must think about the far mountains again i think.
Best wishes.


Sorry uploaded the wrong image - can I somehow delete it?

I’ve changed from “Landscape” to “Portrait” and done more work on the background as you can see.


Changed from landscape orientation to portrait and done more work on the background.


Looking very very good. I am envious of your background and excellent eye for colour. :smiley:


Thank you! :slight_smile: As for my sense for colour - it’s based mostly on intuition.


Thank you KU2GUN! I don’t think that I have a style as such yet - I still have so much to learn and to develop my skills. I wasn’t happy with the mountains myself as a matter of fact - but it’s all work in progress. The aspect ratio is also bothering me still.