Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Daniel Lieske


holy cow man! flying along, ace stuff !

love it


Absolutely wonderful! I love the style and the colours!


really great scene and colors… remember me a “indian-indhu god scenery”… perhaps the orange-blue tones… :arteest:


What a beautiful picture!:thumbsup:


Action on a confined area combined with beautiful backdrop and characters, I like it! The color scheme is quite pleasing too.


I’ve finished the first planet. I named it Zula. It’s quite a nice place I guess - sunny, much water, not too much clouds. :slight_smile:

Note that I only put detail in those places, that will be seen in thge picture later. I really had to stop me. I could model planets all eternity. :slight_smile:

Now I’m going to work on the moon.


Thanks for all the nice replies, you guys! In the end phase, my doubts always grow very huge and your comments really help to hold up the morale!


I’m working from back to front on the background and I thought I might share a little WIP of the planets. Next step will be the jungle valley in the midground.


Hi Daniel, you have done a great job with the planets! Loving the color and the atmosphere sooooo much! Keep it up, looking forward to see your valley! :smiley:


wow this is really cool. the colors are great. I like that twisted trees. 2 planet for a background maybe a bit full though… but looks like one’s going to be pushed back so it’s fine…


I think a slight tilt in the image may help the composition a bit. It may give it a bit more action to the piece. I like what I see so far though Daniel. Colors and Designs are nice though. I think composition can be pushed further though.:thumbsup:


@ beelow:

I see what you mean. But in fact, I sort of realized that my original plan to create a pure action piece sort of failed because I’ve chosen a very iconic view on the scene in the first place. I did a lot of experimenting within this particular view and I’ve come to the conclusion, that for having a real action scene I would have had to choose a totally different view (like one of the very early composition tests). Now, that seems to be a little too obvious to call it a discovery but for me this point wasn’t clear at all. I really thought, that I only had to find the ‘real’ pose for the Captain to ignit the action feel of the scene. I totally overlooked the fact, that there were loads of more dramatic camera angles in this scene which would all have led to a cool action scene. I really learned a lesson here and I think this one I finally have understood.

You know this strange difference between knowing and understanding? I knew all this long before but I guess I’ve never really understood it.

Now, but that’s not a big problem for me. I guess, there’s a reason why I’ve intuitively chosen the iconic composition. It’s simply, that I love pictures of that sort and again could not overwhelm myself to do it the other way. :slight_smile: Now that I’ve realised this I’m making my peace with it (we say that in german - no idea if you can translate it literally…) and I’m just going to finish the artwork as what it is: a stylized image of heroism in an iconic composition with a strong emphazise on decorative and epic intergalactic detail (what a sentence). :wink:

The last week’s started. I hope the finish will not be too close. :slight_smile:


This is a collection of trees I created for the near background. They were created out of four simple textures which were painted with the ZBrush Deco Brush. The Deco Brush ‘grows’ the textures and warps them along the brush stroke. It’s quite fun to toy around with it in fact. But enough playing around. I have to find out if they work in the composition…


ahh beautiful colors, I really have to save some coinage so I can get z-brush


I still regret that you don’t do it in 2D, cause i like the scribbles on the first page a lot.
But obviously you do very well in zBrush , too. I would like to give you some critics and helpful
hints, but all elements look very nice… well, okay, i don’t like the beast that much, but i
guess it’s just my taste. I’m looking forward to see how this will fit together in the end.

Anyway lots of luck to you! I bet an award will be yours!


this tree is just brilliant! very dreamy colors and the way it fades into the background adds to the depth … love it a lot! :love:


This is really a joy to watch :). Not much to crit, just keep up the good work :love:


Ok, I’m really closing in now. I have completed the background elements and have nice and crisp detail all over the image now. In fact, it scares me a bit but hey, it’s a 3D image and those details are supposed to be there. :slight_smile: Maybe I try some subtle depth of field in the final image.

Things that are left to do:

The reflective materials on the Captain are just dummy at the moment. I waited for the final setup for being able to create an environment reflection map that fits the image. That will be next. And then there’s a ton of minor details like reflections on the eyes, tuning a shadow here and there and perhaps detailing some background clouds a little more. I also will see, if I still like the color balance in a few days and might do some adjustments, if necessary.

And of course I will closely listen to any suggestions that might come to your minds!


Wow! I was impressed last week when I saw the finished modeling, but now with the excellent choice of colour scheme… superb! :thumbsup:


If I were a judge you would take best art direction. I am inspired and in awe! Everything looks great. I am fasinated by the seemless cohesion of 2d/3d. Such strong form and lighting from the 3d, such enjoyable color and general esthetic from the 2d. Its so interesting to see someone really bridging the gap.

WHen you color your render over in photoshop, what kinda layer settings/technique are you using?

BTW-I absolutely love your original sketches of the captain.