Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Daniel Lieske


'morning dude.

Wow, very impressive. So much details, and every part is working for itself. You could take some shots of the whole scene and use it for a own image, if you like.
I am interested in coloring the whole stuff, it will be a “nice” task.

Be creative


You’re an amazing artist, can’t wait to see how this pans out. The look in your main character’s face is strong, I like it!


@ Drikus:

I’m also curious about the coloring. I think that I will go for very simple and stylized color that makes the shading stand out. If I need color variations in special parts the I might as well do them later in compositing.

@ Aseph:

Thanks! I’m also looking forward to the end result. I’m getting closer! :slight_smile:


Wow! The pose looks great. The face is very expressive and natural and it has a touch of classic sci-fi (the suit and all). Thumbs up!:applause:




I’m closing in! I have now a model of the tree. It’s split into three parts, so that I can easily subdivide it to the necessary level. The leafs are painted in in photoshop for previsualization. I plan to add the leafs in ZBrush when everything is dropped onto the 2.5D canvas. That gives me more freedom for placement and better performance.

For the next step, I will take every model into a finishing touches round (Hawkbeast, Girl, Orion and Tree) and then I’m going to start polypainting.


Just have to say, Beautiful work digitaldecoy.


Wowee! Great details in the sculpting.:bowdown: Love the tree and the monster! Everything looks very organic and natural.

Absolutely beautiful work!

Keep it up!!



Great ! they are all so nice ! Amazing ZB work here on every character !


I changed the pose for the Captain a bit. I thought about the position of the Blaster. It occured to me, that if you were approaching an enemy with a gun, you would point it at him. So why is the Captain pointing his Blaster to the ground? On the other hand, would you draw a gun, when you’re climbing a tree? I thought that maybe Captain Orion heard the alien girl scream an ran after her. He climbed the tree and than the Hawkbeast appeared. For a moment, the Captain is in shock but then he draws his weapon. That might add a bit of tension to the scene. Furthermore, the new position of the arm and gun directs the dynamic curve of the figure from it’s hand, through the head, through the arm and gun, into the leg. Before, the dynamic flow was a bit broken at the point of the gun. I’m curious what you are thinking about my dedcision!


cool character … very nice wip … keep it coming


Hi dude.

Interesting pose. It is not easy to interpret the new pose. The captains act have two statements now and the viewer have to decide, which one is the right one for himself:

  1. Your statement: The captain begin to take the gun out of the holster, maybe to use it.
  2. The new statement: The captain put the gun into(!) the holster and try a peaceful way to rescue the girl. The captains face give enough interpretation for this alternative.

It is not easy for a artist to “write” the right statement into a picture, which have no text in it and lives exclusively through the content/scene.

Keep it up


Hello Daniel,
I don’t know which is better, your 2D or 3D, their both exceptional.I love your concept, and your color pallette you’ve chosen. No critiques just praise at this point. Excellent work. Brad


@ Drikus:

That’s really a good point. I have to think about that. For me it’s totally clear of course - he’s going to attack. But you are right, that’s not the only possibility to come up with when you look on the picture unbiased. I have to digest on that one a bit, I guess.

What I know is, that I like the right hand in this position. So I tend to experiment with the gesture of the left hand.


wow! amazing work, concepts… The results is great!


Great concept and work.

I really like your progress.

And i have to agree with Drikus … bending his upper body a littlebit more forward and
rising his elbow on the gun-arm a littlebit more could make it more clear.

Keep it up! :beer:


Hey Daniel, how you doing there. everything is pretty fine to me. can’t wait to see the colors.
keep it up buddy, time’s ticking.


Thanks, you three!

Yes, not much time to lay back and relax. There’s still some work to do! This weekend is the weekend of color. So, hopefully we will let the greyscales behind us and I’ll be able to post some colored WIPs in the next two days.

I was also tweaking the poses and models in the last few days but changes are so minor, that it makes no sense to post them anyway. You’ll be up to date with the next update in color.


Personally, I like the change, and, I think the ambiguity of what he’s doin with the gun is good. Adds a lil mystery touch to the whole wonderful scene, letting the viewer interpret as best he likes. Unless you want to say Exactly what he is doin, I think its an advantage.


Ok, these are the final models now. I could tweak the models till doomsday if I had the time but I have to come to an end here. Although I tried different arm poses for the Captain’s left arm I finaly stuck to the original one. By tilting the whole scene a bit to the right, his pose gets more momentum to the right side and this way the viewer will interpret the pose the way I want it, I think.

Ok, now it’s really time to throw in some color.


I think it’s in a perfect balance now. Great composition and sense of motion. Again - wonderfull sculpting work - you just increased my appetite to see more and to try some 3D sculpting myself some time.

Would be great to see the colours :slight_smile:

I have no doubt - this will be a piece of art :slight_smile: