Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Daniel Lieske



( teach me zbrush! i can’t work it out on my own :frowning: haha )


After having slept a night over it I definetely see several issues that should be fixed. For example the braid at her ear. It’s sticking to the face and should be flying I think. And I need to ephasize the muscles on her left arm to show, that she is pushing against the monster’s grip.

Anyway, time for some replies:

[b]@ nwiz25:

[/b] I’m longing for color, too. I could’t resist to put at least a few flat colors into the latest WIP.[b] :slight_smile:

@ lucy.turm:[/b]

The monster’s supposed to cling to the tree. There’s no camera angle in which the hand would stand alone before the background. I hope, this becomes more clear when I have a proper dropshadow on the tree.

Of course, Captain Orion will not defeat the Hawkbeast bearehanded. I plan to give him a blaster pistol. Also I will work on his pose and might change it a lot. The current pose is quite dynamic but it’s a bit ridiculous, too. ‘What is he going to do?’ is the first question that comes into mind when you look at him. I want to preserve this question but also want to portray an action that’s more believable. I’ll try to create a pose, which foreshadows dangerous action but also captures a moment of hesitation and tension. Hold your thumbs! :slight_smile:

@ beelow:

Yeah, you’re totally right about the detail. I’m quite happy that the girl will be quite small in the final image so I do not have to put too much detail into her (e.g. fingernails, teeth etc.). I also think that I’m going for a more stylised look on the detail in the image. I could for example stamp the Hawkbeast with tiny skin detail and wrinkles and everthing. But I think those things won’t read in the final image so I’m careful with that. When all objects are sculpted I will try to match their detail levels as good as possible.

@ Kuanbyr:

It’s funny that you’re saying that I have done everthing in a short time. I’ve got the feeling that I’m working on this for ages! :smiley:

Thanks for your replies. Please feel free to crit on anything you encounter! My view becomes biased and I’m not sure if I see all the issues that surface in this growing scene.


Nice work, digitaldecoy :slight_smile: Poor woman…

I understand what working pressure can do to you. I just dropped out of the DW3. Everything seemed ok, and then suddenly I lost all motivation to finish my work. I love doing 3d, but it’s also so much hard work.


aah misunderstandig, i was tallking about the other hand.
maybe its not really possible to turn the point of view so much,
that it can stand alone before the background. but i´m not
so happy with that area or the silhouette … well, maybe its just me :wink:

looking forward for the captain (with a good weapon!), your sketches were promising.


@ Neubius:

Just invest some time to watch the tutorials on the ZBrush homepage. That’s how I got the clue. It’s really worth the effort, ZBrush is the most inspirational software I used in years (last time I had this feeling btw. was Maya Paint Effects - it just felt like playing although it was work).

@ MartinNielson:

Sorry to hear that you had to cancle your DW3 entry for lack of motivation. For me it works quite the other way around I must say. I seldom find the motivation to really put effort into a single piece. These challenges are a huge factor in my motivation. It was exactly the same with “The Journey Begins”. I would never have painted it without these challenges. I think the trick is to create an artwork that you really want to do and to which you relate to in a deeper sense. Don’t think too much about how it fits the task of the contest. If it just quite fits, just do it. In this case for example I know that the jury will look for the best story idea in the artwork. I could have constructed an elaborate story concept and could have put much effort into developing a striking idea in order to win over the jury. But that’s not the point here. I knew I ever wanted to do a classic action pinup like Frazetta. Furthermore I’ve had this character lurking in my mind for two years now and last but not least I wanted do to an elaborate piece in ZBrush but never found the right topic to motivate me. I just mixed all these ambitions together and take this challenge to fuel my motivation (and as an excuse for my wife for coming to bed way too late every evening). I know, whatever in the end the jury might think about my entry, I will have fullfilled three wishes for myself and I know, by putting as much effort as possible into this piece, I’ll be able to give me a real treat in mid may when these wishes come true :slight_smile:
@ lucy.turm:

[/b]All right, that makes much more sense. I share your feeling and I have also rotated the scene a few times to see if another view might produce a better picture. I will come back to this point when the modelling is done. Fortunately, in 3D you can postpone these basic decisions to a later point in time (which through the eyes of a 2D Artist is just crazy! :slight_smile: ).


been dying to get in to it, it seems like the perfect crossover from 2d to 3d. but can’t find any tutorials that start from the begining!

if you can point me in the right direction i’d be very happy :slight_smile:



@ Neubius:

No problem. Just head for the Pixologic homepage und visit the ZClassroom:


Lot’s of basic tutorials there.You’ll have to register but that should be ok since if you planning to get into ZBrush you might want to register at ZBrush Central anyway (same account).

Also, there are very interesting tutorials in the ZBrush Wiki:


That should give you a nice jump start. I purchased ZBrush last July. In less than a year I now feel really comfortable with it and this challenge entry is my first really big project with ZBrush.

Hey, but before you’re running off playing, first finish your challenge entry, right? :slight_smile: It looks very promising!


fantastic ! thank you : ) seems like you’ve really got used to it.

yep, i’ll finish up before playing with it, honest! haha

thanks alot dude. looking foward to updates :slight_smile:



i still like more the concepts you made than any 3d so far. the drawings are really good quality . .sorry is just i find sometimes a 3d option too troublesome …but maybe this wont be the case!

good luck . looking forward to see more


Well, actually DW3 was the first challenge ever I had to quit. I loved the backstory and theme, and I loved working with my concept :slight_smile: The problem was, that I always work very hard every day at work as a 3d artist. So, comming home from work and start again with a new 3d project just blew it for me in the end. Free time became work time. I don’t feel the same way about 2d. I can always get something useful together without feeling stressed. But don’t get me wrong, I like 3d just as much as 2d. I just think it’s harder to finish a good 3d entry.


Ok, another evening of sculpting and now I have blocked in the Captain. I established the general proportions and I have also put in some quick color for better judgement of the shapes and relations. I don’t really like t-poses because they let the character look totally dull. But I can imagine him in a cool pose. However, I will sleep a night or two over it and check back on the proportions before I do some retopo work on the model. I plan to use the model in later works so I want to give him a real good topology that can stand some playing around.


What I like about weekends is, that you can really make progress. :slight_smile:

I finished the t-pose sculpting on Captain Orion. I retopologized the jacket and hood but I left the body mesh untouched. It hold the detail for this artwork quite well and I think if I ever need the Captain for other purposes I will THEN take the extra time to alter the mesh. I would definetely like to give him a proper mouth interior and teeth and so on but for now he will work just fine how he is right now. I only have to model his gun now and then I will put him into pose.


Amazing work! Very inspiring!:bowdown:


I’ve followed this for a while. Now leaving a little mark just to say that the scene is very much a classic and the style of your characters, the captain and the monster especially, contribute to it. Also great details you have in these.

My absolute favourite though is your last scene previz: lovely colours! Am curious to see what lighting and colour you go for with the 3D. I hope your final work will have the same fairy tale-like quality your scene previz has.


You have some realy solid modeling there. I am just getting down to the posing and composition stage myself and it is always a nice feeling to finally start image making (Finaly I am getting to where my ten minute sketch was).

It looks like you will be there soon yourself… enjoy!!


Today I modelled Captain Orion’s Blaster. I know, it’s a crazy thing to model such an object in ZBrush but I did all the modelling in ZBrush till this point and I just wanted to challenge myself to use no other 3D Software. So to say, I deserved the pain. :slight_smile: Well, actually it worked not as bad as I feared. I used ZSpheres to design the shape of the Blaster (no sketches)and created an Unified Skin from that amature. i sculpted in the main details, edges and stuff and then did retopologize the whole thing. With the new mesh I did all the detailing and it was done. It’s still a bit bendy in some places but I like the overall result and I think it will work quite fine in the end.


And for some replies:

@ Paul4wood:

Thank you!

@ Sleepyghost:

Yea, I also like the Scene Previz a few pages back. Rest asured that I’m really trying to go for an illustrated look much like the Previz in the end. My main weakness is, that I tend to put too much contrast in everything in order to “scream out the message”. That’s why I plan to put a huge effort into the rendering and compositing of this image. I just have to resist the temptation to show every tiny detail in crisp contrast. biting fingernails

@ John Keates:

I know exactly what you mean! :slight_smile: The 3D way can often feel like extremely delayed painting. But I must say, that sculpting feels really good and the most time I’m not even thinking about the fact, that I’m supposed to produce a picture here. I hope I will do so in the end anyway. :wink:


Wow! I haven’t looked at this thread for a while… Awesome modeling - love the captain Orion model - it’s just amazing.
Super Arbeit, :thumbsup: bin sehr gespannt, wie alles am Ende aussehen wird!




looks great.
every time I look, It gets better.


Ok, here’s the pose on Captain Orion. I gave it some thought and I think that the first pose was dynamic but also completely senseless. Instead, I’m going for tension, now. Captain Orion has just stopped climbing after the Hawkbeast and for a terrible moment, he does not know what to do next. He tries to distract the beast by holding out his hand. he hopes to get just enough time to aim his Blaster…

You can also see that I began giving some shape to the tree. Hopefully I can show you the finished tree tomorow.