Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Daniel Lieske


Another Sculpting WIP. That’s really hard work! This evening I spent on the arm. I think I overdid the claws a bit. I will go on to another part of the model and return to the arm when I have regained a fresh look on it.


Goog morning dude.

Don’t forget, you will add a lot of color to this piece. What I mean: You don’t need so much details, if you are planning to paint textures. Details are only interesting for animation or closeups. So, if you plan some animation later, you need the details, but if you will render a still only, so I would stop the sculpting at this point.

Furthermore don’t forget the following: Every detail that you are setting up now, you will have to reach for every further parts of the scene to get the same quality everywhere in the image…

Be creative


These are good points you mention there, Drikus. But you also have to see, that this arm alone is nearly as big as one of the other characters, so I have to plant some details there. But I guess I won’t get into much more detail than that. I think I can handle this level of detail troughout the whole picture. But on the other hand, that’s a wild guess because I’ve never done it before. Lots of experience to gain from this project.


Hey Daniel - like your stuff a lot and will definitely try your technique out once I have a faster machine and the brainpower to learn the software.
I would say there are two tricks you lose out on if you sculpt in 3d for a 2d illustration:

In 2d
a) you dont have to draw objects that are behind objects / cannot be seen
b) you can get away with just drawing in a silhoutte for some areas and the picture will still work.

Thats my 5 cents worth…


I definetely agree to your list of 2D advantages, RupertD. I would also add, that in 2D you have a much easier job to paint every part just the way it looks best and nobody complains about it. In 3D I experience the problem that everytime I rotate the model, some parts look good (e.g. have nice silhouettes) and others look dull. When I rotate the model to fix the dull parts, the former good ones look not so good any more.

In fact, this project serves me to find out how 3D Sculpting might help me to create 2D images. Right at the moment it’s just a lot of work (and much of it being useless, because you won’t see big parts of the model in a 2D image). But I’m really looking forward to the part, when all models are ready and I can concentrate on compositing the different light passes. Also, the possibilty to create more then one image form one single scene is tempting, but that’s not the point in this experiment. In this image I want to find out, how to create rich detail with a maximum of flexibility till the last minute. I really like to render details in images but I also always have the feeling to be stuck to one single track by commiting to certain detail and not being able to change things as soon as I’m rendering the detail. The 3D sculpting has the advantage to be completely flexibel till the very end. Although I have rendered wrinkles and crevices I can practically change poses and views any time. But again, that’s an experiment for me because we all know that to much possibilities can hinder the creative process.

I’m really as curious as everyone else to find out how this all will work out. I’m really determined to finish this one just to find out how it all will work out in the end.


Hi Digitaldecoy,
It’s a nice experimentation you do with this WIP, very interresting to read your 3D process with your strong and solid 2D skill level.
I even think that do it in 3D/sculpting is an handicap compare that if you would make it 100% 2D, could be less time consuming for you.

For my side, I experiment by the past a lot with the limit with 3D to 2D workflow : creating 3D dummy for 2D rendering , and when better stop 3D work to finish in 2D. It’s not easy, and more I come back to pure 2D, cause it’s more similar way to digest the way evolving my creative feeling.

I will continue to read your thread, very interresting. Good luck !


And another sculpting WIP of the Hawkbeast. I guess I’ll need two more scultping sessions of about 3 hours to finish this model. I’m looking forward to work on a new subject and I guess you’ll also be happy to see something else than muscles and hornplates. :slight_smile:


very nice modeling mate,awesome update,totally agreed what u have just said above about how the 3d sculpting helps u to create 2d images:)keep it coming mate


Ok, for the time being I stop working on the Hawkbeast now. I have reached a decent level of detail in all visible parts of the model. My eye gets a bit strained on all the detail and I guess it is a good idea to start the other characters. When I’m done with all the other modeling I’m sure I will tweak several parts of the Hawkbeast but for now I’m done with it.

I guess, the other characters will be finished a lot faster. At least I’m hoping so. :slight_smile:

For those who are interested in numbers:

The Hawkbeast has 4.8 millions of polygons. That’s quite a moderate polygon count considering the amount of tiny detail in this model. It’s due to the retopologizing that I’m getting away with such a small number of polys here, I guess. And that’s important because I’m calculating another 5 million polygons for each of the other two characters and about 10 million polygons for the tree. The latter I will have to split into several parts in order to being able to sculpt it on my machine. I’m really curious if there will be trouble to render all this stuff in a high resolution in ZBrush…


Moin buddy.

Very nice, that’s all, what I can say for now. Hope you will succed, it’s a lot of open work before you.

And if you have problems to render the stuff, you know who can help you… :wink:

Be creative


Before going on with the next character I felt the urge to do some previsualization with the material I have so far. I started to fear that things might not come together as I imagined them to do. I’m a 2D Artist and I sort of missed the feeling of making progress.

That’s why I took a shot of the current sculpting state and worked over it in photoshop just to get the feeling that I’m heading somewhere here.

I also took the opportunity to plan on some details concerning the other characters. I tested a color sceme in the alien girl and also sketched some ideas for her costume. The color work on the Hawkbeast is a total dummy. I don’t quite know how to paint him in the end but I will work that out later.

I also sketched some ideas for the tree and the background. First I thought, I would paint them by hand but I get the impression that ist might look awkward to mix 3D with pure 2D so I now plan to do some sculpting on the background detail, too. I definetely plan to work over all parts in 2D when everything is composed.

I collected some story bits, too. For all, who might be interested in it I can now tell, that the depicted scene takes place in the lush jungles of Planet Aloya. Captain Orion has a crash landing on this planet after having flewn his ship through an ancient space portal and the alien girl is the first humanoid lifeform for him to encounter in this remote place. She wants to accompany him but being the lone wolf character he is, Orion tries zu shake her off. However, as the girl suddenly is taken by the ferocious Hawkbeat, Orion runs to her rescue…


Looks so, sooo good!! especially colours and creature!


Before I’m starting sculpting on the alien girl I scribbled a concept sketch of how she might look like. I imagine her native to the jungles so I gave her some sort of primitive knottet clothing. Her hair might be knotted, too. I’m not sure about jewelry ot tattoos, I will decide on that in the sculpting process.


I’m making good progress with the alien girl.I have sculpted her body and hair in t-pose and now I’m going to put her into pose.

I had to do very little retopo here. I just fixed her hands and inserted some polys in her mouth and ears. The hair was first modelled out of a sphere and then I did a quick retopo on it.

I will model her clothing in pose because I’m going to use Extract Mesh for that and it would be quite a pain to fit her skin tight clothing to the body when it’s put into pose. Detailing on the hair will also have to wait until she’s in pose.

I’m very happy that it took not too long to arrive at this state.


hard work paid off! :eek: me can’t wait to see this in colour! :stuck_out_tongue: best wishes to you dude! :thumbsup:


hey daniel !

spannendes projekt- ich freu mich über jeden neuen schritt. :slight_smile:

2 sachen drängen sich mir auf und die muss ich mal gerade loswerden.
dabei weiß ich noch nicht genau, was noch wip ist…naja, ich schreib einfach mal:

  • einmal stört mich, dass die hand den baum so sehr schneidet, also weil sich da so viele
    dinge überschneiden. ich hab irgendwie das bedürfnis, den blickwinkel mehr zu drehen,
    dass man das monster mehr von vorne sieht und die hand frei vor dem hintergrund steht.

-was hat der retter genau vor ? selbst wenn das monster gar nichts macht, sieht das nicht
so aus, als könnte der mann irgendwas bewirken…
oder bekommt der noch nen lichtschwer oder ne railgun oder so ? :smiley:

hau rein !


I put the alien girl into pose today. I guess I could give the pose a bit more drama but before I’m able to pull that off I better sleep a night over it. Tomorrow I 'll have a fresh go at her.


How much more detail you are going to do before you add texture? You can sculpt it to oblivion, but consider the timeframe that you have. I am pretty sure that you understand that. Continue to pimp these models out. :beer: :beer:


Wow, that is some excellent work! I am really liking your Hawkbeast. You have done some very impressive work in a very short period of time. Nicely done.


Ok, another evening and another 3 hours of sculpting later and I’m pretty happy with the alien girl now. I surely will fix some things on her when I later revisit her with a fresh view but for now she’s done.

You know what that means! Right, it’s time for the Captain! I’m really looking forward to sculpting the Captain. I’m really curious to see, how he turns out.