Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Daniel Lieske


Wow! You are bulging with skill! Outstanding work :smiley: .


your sketches are wonderful
awesome work!


Are you sure you want to go with the stereotypical “damsel in distress”? It seems kind of a passé image in the twenty-first century. I like to think we’re moving beyond gender stereotypes like that…

On the technical side, though, your work is quite impressive. I particularly like your sketches for the male character. A small criticism of the monster: its legs are asymmetrical. One bends like a human’s, while the other seems to have the shape of a goat or horse leg. It’s probably something you’ll fix in going from your rough blocked-out shape to the finished piece, of course, but I thought I’d mention it just in case.


Nice colors and Nice composition. On top of that mood is always nice with your paintings. I enjoyed your journey begins piece. Welcome! :thumbsup:


Cool stuff, Daniel! I’m sure this will look great in the end! Can’t wait to see more.



Thanks everyone for the encouragement!

@ vmulligan:

Thanks for your input! I understand your scepticism concerning the theme. The ‘damsel in distress’ is quite an old fashioned idea. Nevertheless I’m still fascinated by artwork featuring this theme. Perhaps that is because of it’s very simpel and archetypical nature. For me, by the way, this theme is not so much about ‘man saving woman’ but more about ‘man mastering his fear in order to help the weak’. Of course I do not want to pretend that I’m going for deep meaning in this peace but I think that my point of view will show in the details.

Right now I’m thinking about how I might be able to break the strong man/woman/sexuality connotation. Captain Orion is not the type pf guy who breaks women’s hearts. The beard lets him appear a bit old and his struggle to save the girl should appear more to be a fatherly impuls. Perhaps I can support this point of view if I make the girl a child. That should break the sexual connotation and support the theme of the ‘hero doing good without fear’.

I think I will experiment in this direction. Thank you again, for the input!

Concerning the legs: I guess the view does not show it quite right at the moment. The monster has very long feet at the moment. I think the beast’s anatomy should become more clear with the details.


I like this new shot in 3d, you can see the type of energy that your trying to set up, which has whet my appetite for more :D…

I love the fact that he is Irish…i instantly heard Ardal O’hanlon, who played Father Doogle McGuire from ‘Father Ted’…so that inadvertently brought in a humerous context for me…

Interesting thoughts on changing the damsil to a child…

Now i know you are taking this subject matter very seriously, but when i read about your proposal to shift the context…I instantly thought of a “roles reversal” (no not a rolls can-hardly snorts)

Where the hero is being rescued by the child, and the Alien is retreating in fear…that would be an interesting shot, for not only is it a parody of the “Damsil” situation but it knocks on the door of kids being scared of the closet monster or the one under the bed, If you know what i mean?..of course that changes the ambience from tension to humour…

anyways, mighty fine work so far!!.



hi there,

yeah, King Kong in space.
The layout looks good already.

About that damsel in distress - theme: How about switching the man and the woman?
I’d find that more interesting.

But this will be good anyways :smiley:


I’m just playing around with the layout scene a bit to entertain you. I think I will stick with the first version. I might, however, turn the whole scene slightly towards the red version, because there the pose of the monster comes out a bit more clear I think.

It’s fun to find different compositions and to find out how the scene flows as a whole so that several view angles produce nice compositions. I’m not used to that kind of freedom and I have to watch out that I don’t get lost between all the possibilities.


I started sculpting the first level of detail on the monster. I’m not sure if I will stick with the beak and the birdlike head. It would be a good excuse for not having to model teeth. :slight_smile: The most time I spend on the body. Applications like horn plates or thorns will follow in later steps. Right now I was concerned with placing the muscles right.


That’s some fast work. Looking great so far. You did a nice job blocking in the rough mesh figure poses. Did you just use the Zbrush quick transpose functions for that?


Very nice. Looking forward to seeing this one finished.


Thats a really interesting way of working, working up your concepts in 2d then sculpting in 3d. Looking forward to more.


Time for some replies!

@ LightSovereign & RoGreg:

Nice thoughts about the theme but I don’t think that I will drive the artwork into comical grounds. It’s perhaps a bit strange but I like these modern myths. Besides, there has allready formed a little story about this artwork in my head.

@ ScottC:

Yes, I used the Transpose Feature a lot for bringing the figures into their poses.

@ tkier:

Thanks! I’m wondering what the final piece will look like, too. :slight_smile:

@ RupertD:

Indeed, it’s really an interesting workflow. Like I mentioned above somewhere, it’s the first time, I do a scene like that. Normally I’m used to a 2D Workflow and I encountered several interesting points in working in 3D.

The most interesting thing for me at the moment is, that everday I open the scene, I find a new detail which does not look quite perfect. After I posted the last version for example, I found out, that it would look much better, if the right hand of the monster would form a straight line with the forearm. This way it would much better convey the feeling, that the monster is hanging with his weight on this hand.
In 2D terms, having allready rendered the muscles and everthing would make it quite tedious to change such a detail. In 3D it’s just bending things right into place and you’re done. For me that means that I can work on details although the pose might not be perfect yet. It does not hurt to make changes and that’s quite fascinating.
Another point is, that in 2D I tend to overlook problems in the construction or anatomy after a few hours. I need days and days until I have regained an objective eye on my work. I do not have this problem in 3D so much, I think. Perhaps it’s because you always see your work from different views and there’s no single view the eye can get used to. Together with the possibility to change things fast, this really helps me to push the boundary I think.

Ok, enough thinking - back to work! :slight_smile:


nice work…watching this evolve is great


yo daniel!
Glad you’re in!
So you are doing 3D this time? Nice nice I’m looking forward to see your
models grow! Looks great already.
I thought about doing a 2D 3D mixture too…
So good luck mate!


Ah, I can respect that. Best of luck in developing this idea!


I continued sculpting on the beast which I have dubbed “Hawkbeast”.

These primitive creatures live in the treetops of the planet on which Captain Orion is stranded. The Hawkbeasts have birdish roots but their wings developed into strong climbing arms. Their arms and legs a partly covered with hardened horn plates which make the Hawkbeast fierce predators. They have the nasty habit to climb down their trees and visit the villages of the native humanoids. If they get a chance, they prey on the weak and it sometimes happens, that a Hawkbest catches a child which in this case will never return to it’s family. Unless there’s someone to stand up against the monster that is.

I think I will make a new topology for the beast before I go into further detail. A lot of work ahead! :slight_smile:


Wow awesome work so far :thumbsup: your zbrushing is great, I just bought it and hope to get your level before 2059 :smiley:

I`m looking forward for more stunning art :bounce:


For whatever it’s worth, I think some people have you over-thinking the “damsel in distress” motiff. It’s not “passe”, it’s iconic. Its going to be something immediately grasped and appreciated by the viewer.

Some people’s “politics du jour” might read more into it, but the fact is its just that particular damsel who needs a hand, not every damsel. You could change the imperiled subject to another guy, and the image would still work, but it would lose some of it’s charm and whimsy that you have right now with the classic fairy tale themes.

Political correctness has no place in art.

I find it impressive that you’re posing the figures first, then sculpting like in a traditional real world sculpting process. The effortless symmetry functions in modern 3d apps have made me very lazy for the “sculpt then pose” workflow. Although, considering how mangled my form usually gets after posing unless I spend days meticulously tweaking rig weighting, its probably counter productive for static images.

Out of curiosity, are you using the “poseable symmetry” function in ZB , or is that all just eyeballed?