Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Daniel Lieske


congratulations man, awesome image :slight_smile:



I had your image as my pick to win this contest.
Very nice work from start to finish.

wayne k
guam usa


Congrats on this. You created some really nice models.


Man, this final image is one of the most beautiful scenes I saw here in this forum. Your “Traped” scene was my wallpaper for almost a year, I guess it´s time to replace with this new one =)

Grats man your art is amazing.



OH . … . Prefect Prefect Prefect Prefect Prefect


wow amazing work!! i just had to go through your whole thread. beautifull!!


Vmulligan, not sure which decade you’re living in , but that silly women are the same as men thing died in the 1990’s. Stereotypes are generally true, that’s how they became stereotypes in the first place. Women in general are weaker than men, men in general are more aggressive than women. It’s these true generalities that created the stereotypes, and we should all be at the point to accept that stereotypes are no necessarily a bad thing. Just because the 70’s and 80’s tried to pretend that everyone is exactly the same and equal on every level doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s been disproven time and time again. This is the same reason everyone is so racist nowadays, we all pretend that every race is exactly the same and there are no differences and no problems.

This painting is amazing and the concept will always be part of our core as humans. Digitaldecoy, I’m glad you stood your ground.

More importantly though the picture itself is so amazingly rendered!
It really looks as if it was painted, not 3D modelled. Really amazing work!!!


Please elaborate, Pigumon. Why don’t you enlighten all us poor outdated folks as to how the sexes – and the races – are so fundamentally different? Since you bring race into this, as a person of mixed race I’m particularly interested in learning more about your views on race.

 --Vikram Mulligan


mn this is nice work … love it



I’d like to say as an illustration student myself, this thread is inspiring. A few things, though…

I realize you only used 2 softwares for this project. You pulled this off greatly but I feel like you could have pulled off more had you used other software for lighting. It looks great, there’s no denying that, but I just feel like you could make it pop out more. However, for someone who just started in 3D it’s very ambitious. You did a great job, but I think you’ll do an even greater job on your next 3D job to come. That’s all. Just keep practicising and always remember whatever you accomplish later on will always be greater than the first.


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