Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Daniel Lieske


wow! beautiful work:surprised


Indeed I agree with everyone :), a masterful peice Daniel. I think you would really enjoy lighting/rendering in a package besides zbrush. You’ll find alot more freedom and room to play with lights, shadows and rendering in an outside renderer. Zbrush can do some nice renders for sure though, and you’ve done a fantastic job of turning it into a pleasing illustration. Congrats.



nice work man. and thanks for sharing the process. how do you find the time?
good luck in the challenge .

// Even if a love the result …i still find the drawings you did more appealing! matter of taste. anyway. in the modeling i can see the drawing style. And thats cool!


Really great work Daniel. I like atmosphere and colors:). Good luck.


big luck fellah!



You guys are really great! :slight_smile: Thanks for all the nice comments and also good luck with the jury to you all!


Hey Daniel,

Fantastic finish! Very Beautiful piece of art. Best of luck to you.


I really like your finished image Daniel! Very well done. Good Luck!


So beautiful work! Definately one of my favorites. Good luck man :thumbsup:


great work as usual. I really like the retro feeling in this one.


Very nice. You’re quite the talented illustrator. I very much like the way the piece turned out.


congratulations dude! :stuck_out_tongue: :bounce: :scream: a fine entry indeed! me totally in love with the colors and feel! great work! all the best with the judging! :thumbsup:


Daniel - Just wanted to drop by and congratulate you on being recognized for your work on this piece in this Challenge. I love this painting and really appreciate the painterly style and compositional skill you have brought to this piece even while working with 3D elements. See you around for another one next time…! :slight_smile:


me with Mike! :stuck_out_tongue: never have i seen a vibrant color combination! very well executed! :stuck_out_tongue: congratulations on the honourable mention dude! rock on! :buttrock:


A well-deserved ranking :slight_smile: Congrats.


Thank you guys!

I’m really happy that I managed to put together a working illustration although the technique was an experiment for me. Again I learned loads of stuff on this challenge and that’s the very best reason for joining future challenges I believe.


congratulations man, awesome image :slight_smile:



I had your image as my pick to win this contest.
Very nice work from start to finish.

wayne k
guam usa


Congrats on this. You created some really nice models.


Man, this final image is one of the most beautiful scenes I saw here in this forum. Your “Traped” scene was my wallpaper for almost a year, I guess it´s time to replace with this new one =)

Grats man your art is amazing.