Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Daniel Bayona


I was trying to show i bit more o a critical type of relationship between humans and aliens. knowing us we probably will end taking advantage of them …maybe. From their point of view even if their world is all screw up by us there is always a chance for a furtive kiss, a romantic second under the light of cosmic gases burning human spaceships trough the universe … or a touch. Thats why humans are kind of neutral like almost part of the landscape.

I tried a Color and style that calls back a bit that old and even melancholic mood of bad printed sci-fi 50’s magazines.

thanks all the guys for the comments and mostly the guys i never answer back …

anyway. glad i finished at all.


Excelent work, i like the illumination and color details in all the characters :thumbsup: Great!


gracias mano , Ojala usted tambien termine a tiempo!


you image is the complete reverse of mine…lol

even tho i have no real faith in the human race
im still holding out for the hope that an image that yours is showiwing
may came to me soon…

your image is fun and beautiful…realyyy thats haw life should be
man your lighting is soft and sweet

im drunk…painting time…


bery bery nice !!quedo bien aspero! i mean…de lujo!


I was just physically ROFLMAOing myself sensless when I finally saw your image. Had scrolled past it a few times earlier but without being caught by the thumb. What a mistake. Hilarious image… and a beautiful painting. Reminds me of Plymptoons, or the work of Pizarro.
You’ve got a great imagination and a good drawing hand to back it up with!


Daniel Congrats! You finish! yay! Super comicaaa!:scream:

I loved the final detail I must say it took me like 5 seconds to get realize what in the world were those jets? And then I saw they were aliens and I crack my self with laugh! hahaha! Great to see this imagination and good sense of humour!:lightbulb

I can only hope for the best! And good luck, I like it so much!:wink:


Hola Daniel
Finaly u get a very nice image. I like the final sky texture.
Buen trabajao.
Cheers mate


Congratulations, Daniel! A charming piece of work that makes you smile!


lol, this is cute ^^, and the color’s beautiful!


Discovering your work . I like your pastel color Good Luck


Hey Daniel, congrats to the final image! I like the atmosphere and now I see the kiss is “working”, understandable and I guess the message as well. Good to see you finished the picture. Fingers crossing!!! :buttrock:


sweet final. good luck! now i need to go work on my own entry. 1 day left… just about.


Hah! Lovely of course, nothing new here. Except that the smoke or whatever you call it that comes from the flying guy seems like it is hitting the other guy’s head.

Did you got my email? I think I’ll have to go to a Virgin megastore for the dvds :stuck_out_tongue:

Gimme da list!

Love this city. Kiss kiss.


A beautiful piece. Reminds me of John Scheonherr’s covers for Analog.



Hi Daniel!

Well done for your final, really original mood and style. The color and concept are really nice.
That’s nice to see something different but who works too in this challenge.

You should be really proud of it!

All the best!



love this image. best of luck,



Have been visiting and looking at this beauty before, only now commenting. Your work is, for me, sharing the narrow peak of this competition with few others. The image is so serene, pleasing to the eye and amusing. I’m loving the illustrative style and especially the colors. Good idea behind it all, too. Thank you for creating something this lovely and good luck!


the results for this competition is just unbelievably diverse…this is just so unique…i’m stunned…Been a great comp for originality!!!

Great work

should be damn proud of this effort



hahaha…incredible concept…fascinating…great, that is absolutely unique piece of art, i like that image…hih…so many kind of interactions represented in such simple way …congratulations and good luck with the judging.