Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Daniel Bayona


I really like what you’re doing here Daniel, so much to enjoy. Just little things like the snouts coming out the ground and the two aliens looking at each other as they’re strapped to the backs of a couple of blokes - love it! I like that you’re detailing your rocks and foreground too, it’s touches like that which are real pleasure to behold :slight_smile:


i really like thecolor balance …i wouldn’t make it more contrast i think the level right now gives a very original mood and suites perfectly with this love story i will just maybe add another alien jetpack comin from the ground in the right side of the image cause theres a dude lookin for something… also for the others aliens in the ground in the left side i would try differents colors more like a flowers keep goin chimbolanio!!



awesome, nice mood, and really cool style. Funny concept too. That’s simply great!

Good luck man! :slight_smile:


Hi Daniel,
Very funny idea and very good colors. The last update of ground detail looks really great.


[left]Chapo con el beso alienigena.[/left]
[left]Keep it up, ya te queda poco.[/left]


so nice! light and funky!


Happy to help!:wink: he he…seriously…you did a brilliant work that i loved a lot.
I noticed a little thing that may be something cool or an issue…is a metter of taste i think.
anyway,in my opinion,u did a so good work on the alien lovers that, the gas effect of the spaceman Flying put the the alien couple in a sort of “second plane”. Is just a personal
perception. anyway…is one of the best works here around.



I can’t believe I’ve missed this entry… The alien jetpacks are brilliant, good job! Felicitaciones Daniel.


Hey Bayona! Some updates please!

Stop playing Call of Duty 4 in the office! :smiley:

Deadline is near. Chop Chop!


jajaja Jerome . you absolutely right . i have to stop playing that damn game … And YOU too!

Thanks guys for the latest comments and sorry to be away so long . I’ll finish this thing I promise!

“Drop shadows no Bombs” :thumbsup:


almost done …no much time to keep looping around this . i’ll try to fix small details …so your feedback is more than welcome …!


just a detail


chilombiano, this is lookin great. Love the atmoshpere. Nice colors. Interesting concept.

Good job!


i’m with winchester! me especially like the aliens’ eye contact :smiley: so very cute! :love:


This is really cool, has a great playful and fun feeling.

The way the 2 alien were making eye contact make me laugh. Excellent colouring as well.

Great stuff :slight_smile:


Hi Daniel - very nice lighting - I really enjoy your subtle pastel colour palette. Its very refreshing! :thumbsup: Your concept works well here - also light and refreshing. You have to finish this now! :wip: Good luck.


Hey Daniel, your image looks simple great!! I like a lot your concept, cool!! And the palette for your image works really well. Great atmospher on the whole image! Again, awesome work!! Cheers mate! :beer:


Very imaginitive - has a “Hichthiker’s Guide” feel to it :slight_smile: A lot of fun to “digest” here :slight_smile:

Thumbs up!




Nice progress Daniel. The background looks very otherworldly cheerful! :smiley: I feel like pulling out the alien from the ground, put it on and fly around the vast wondrous space in the sky!

Try adding more subtle hints of clouds in the sky? Not sure about the ‘canvas texture’ you are using. It seems to be flowing in just one direction, driving my eyes out of the picture.

Just a very beautiful piece of work, colour palette especially!


in fact just the signature.


the kiss . to finish