Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Daniel Bayona


infact the idea is very nice i like the whole concept … maybe some more details on the aliens !!? … maybe the sky ? … keep it up


Hi Daniel, I’m liking the overal colour palette! I still feel the aliens are too flat looking, like they don’t have any ‘jet fuels’ in them. Just a personal opinion but nothing major. Are you going to add some clouds in the sky later? Hmmm… i think the jet stream could use a bit more oomph! :slight_smile:

Rock on!


Terrific concept! You’re piece really makes me smile - so many fun elements!

One element, however, that doesn’t really add anything to the painting is the guy in the upper left. You had a question mark pointing at him earlier, as if he was “up in the air,” so to speak :slight_smile: Anyhow, compositionally, he doesn’t add anything, I think you would be better off skipping him. (Less work, too!)

Good luck!


thanks for the feedback guys!

one by one

late answer…in fact is all about the kiss… i cant take that out. i need to make it more obvious . working on that. it has to be lovely! i find hard to make it look like an effort!

nightwoodwolf and jerome:
indeed the aliens need some re-thinking. more volume and some sort of pattern … still no idea . and i don’t know if fatter will help. or it should?
i’ll do some separate concepts for those guys.

Thanks man. if this paint makes someone smile i think thats mission accomplish for me.
And you right about the guy, still is just a place holder for a comp balance. it can be anything !

… and ideas are more than welcome.

maybe a huge one in a front plane ?

another space ship?

or just cropping somehow ?

ohh. i have to stop playing COD4 if i want to finish this!

9 of april . A dark day



Haha, that’s one great concept. I really love it. :bounce:

Good luck with the challenge.



what do you think about the purple light in the aliens body? some say crappy over here/


If I’m reading this image right the aliens are being “harvested” and two of them are lovers or something and trying to get in a goodbye kiss?

LOL that’s great!


I like the purple glowing lights. It makes the aliens more extraterrestrial and they grabbing more the eye. One small thing: I feel still the guys a bit flat. Maybe some highlights-shadows would add more plasticity, three-dimensional quality.

So, my general advice is: start over from scratch!
Just kidding.

I like the color space and the background very much!

No bad man, no bad. :buttrock:


Still one of the best for me.
The purple add colour deepness and make my eyes look directly to that area of the image.
Now the relationship between aliens is more clear.JOB DONE! KEEP IT UP!:buttrock:


Cool image!! I like the purple colour on the aliens it adds some dimensionality (don’t ask me what kind of lol).

Good luck in the contest!




Great concept…
Best luck…


i like your Aliens :slight_smile:
Good luck guy!


Everything looks smart, and the idea of organic-harvested jetpacks is awesome! Great pic indeed…


really love this one…funny with very nice colors. I love especially that this image isn’t the "wow, look at this huge beast or giant shining ship " but is “:)))))))))))” also I like the spaceship design very much

for me, it is quite readeable but a bit confusing is that for example the man who has already one jetpack on his back is harvesting another one…but on the picture every person have just one alien and there also isn’t (for example) a pile of harvested aliens …I don’t read this image as harvesting of aliens but rather: some guys are picking alienpacks and just enjoying flying and when the alien runs out of his gas they pick another one a the fun continues…but for this explanation of image I miss something like empty aliens or a guy whos alien is running out of gas or something like this;)

anyway great image, good luck (and sorry for my English but I found your image worth trying to write a bit:)


finally some work done. several issues improved after feedback but more to come.

Still have to work on the guys contrast and the upper left section …something has to go there still dont figure it out.

Any ideas are welcome!!


Just a detail of the ground. i was thinking in adding some sort of “coral” type of plants on the rocks …but maybe would be too much.

btw . my uploaded image looks less saturated that my actual work file. Im saving it with SRGB but still and it doesn’t fix it. does anyone here have the same issue?


Gnomeish, Piktor …thanks guys, thats the lecture i hope people get.

OZ, damn you keep me up with this paint with your comment. really apreciate :thumbsup:

HornlessUnicorn, Giokr-2027, CartoonBox, harachte,… thanks as well to take your time and comment, hope to see your input again!

al-ash, Dude! i really appreciate your long post. the fact that the paint itself gives to different lectures makes me happy. indeed is not a beast or a knight throwing tunders from his …and cool you noticed that quality anti-wow. Sounds good idea to add a guy falling with the yetpack alien in his last. no sure what to do with guy harvesting. .for now i leave it like his just doing it for others. :slight_smile:

Thanks all!


Love the new WIP. The ground looks cool. Like your brushwork a lot. Looks edgy and sharp.

Overall a very funny and cool concept and it’s getting better and better :slight_smile:



Hey Daniel, the stream of jet smoke in front of the right guy doesn’t seem right. Maybe you can try putting that behind instead?

I suggest upping the general contrast of the whole.

This style is looking cute and nice! Keep it up, Bayona!


No idea on the issue you´re having. I´ll try to correct the values so it looks a bit more contrasted, that’s all.
For the lef upper part, some space haze and planets shapes maybe, to cut out the foreground a bit more? not very original but…