Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Daniel Bayona


Great work, really promising ! I like your palette too. Keep it up ! :slight_smile:


Great idea wish I’d thought of that. Good luck!


One of my favourite images, even at concept stage.Any image that is strikingly original will resonate with me…kissing jet packs, a novel idea :slight_smile:



thanks agaIn for all your comments guys. my duty to pass by your work and add some input. i’ll find the time . for now i hope to advance a bit taking your feedback as well.



hey this looks interesting :thumbsup:



Daniel, if you do not mind, I want to tell you that may be is not a good idea to put the human in the bak ward plano, tha one is hier in the air, I do not know, but something I do not like it about it.



Thanks Squibbit !

Ichoma: you mean the sketch of the guy flying on the top left? or the other one on the right?


Lovely! Beautiful!

Yeah, I told you already about the aliens not being so obvious.

Keep on rocking mofo!


Just some ideas and new paint work. notes of toDO’s .

What do you think??

I know. i have to work on that kiss!

any comments are more than welcome!


one of the coolest image here around! The idea is great too! keep it up! :thumbsup: :scream: :buttrock:


yay! this is wicked :smiley:

ace work.


hello chimbolaneo… bery nice colour pallette over here and awesome weird idea i really like the overall ! my only suggestion is more about the background ships composition i think the main one just in the middle should be better a bit on the side left or right …maybe left…also u can maybe try to scale it more bigger like 3 times bigger that can bring easily more depth to the image…
o sino bien bacano los colores!


Great annotaitions, I think you are right.

The Color palette is nice, a little darker in the back where the rockets are could produce a more dramatic feeling.


i’ll try all the talked but will be slowly . my wacom died last night after a long agony. Now i have to do it the office. damn!

Thanks for the comments guys. keep doing your stuff as well!


Do you really need the kiss? I mean… Do you think it adds something important to the story? Or is just a side detail that gives a bit of flavour…?

So far it’s just beautiful. The only thing “unsolved” is the creatures having more importance I think.


the guy in the top left is now working to make the image a bit too humorous. i kind of saw your peice a bit more serious but i donno man. you can make it work either way!


I love the subtle colours in this and the simple design of the spacecraft! the style you adopt for the humans is cool too! Excellent idea and vision.


Slav. Agree with you . if the guy is rolling in a funny way it can affect the general mood.

i think im gonna just change the pose but keep the guy

Andy–jones. Thanks man. means a lot in these times of “spectacular” styles. glad you liked! :slight_smile:


not too much new stuff but at least a couple of brush strokes to keep on the loupe.
still have to work on that kiss.


detail . any ideas are welcome. !!!