Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Daniel Bayona


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Latest Update: Final Image: Love is in the air


for now just an ugly sketch of two jet-packs in love!


for now just an ugly sketch of two jet-packs in love!


basic comp


working on the guys. maybe i totally remove them. dont know yet.


Impressive scene, simply yet striking. Not quite sure what’s going on, though :slight_smile:


damn. i just post on yours at the same time!

Still not figure out myself . is about the kiss. but is getting lost .

Any suggestions?



Maybe show a couple more guys in the air - show the alien jet-packs actually working so we can see they’re acting as functional “machinery” as well as being individual aliens. Just an idea :slight_smile:


good idea. im out for today. tomorrow i’ll work on that .

Thanks for your comments and time.


Hey there Daniel, hows stuff over in S’pore? Good to see you entered the challenge. This is so quirky and typical of your humor, lol. I really like the colourscheme here but I didn’t understand what kiss you were talking about until I really scrutinized the image and saw the backpacks. Maybe you should frame them a bit closer? Good stuff man, keep it up!



I really like the look of this, love the colours very calming.

I will admit however that I did not see the kiss until I read the thread. The idea of them flying sounds better, perhaps they could be pulling the guys off course in an attempt to quell their desires :smiley:

Look forward to more.


Thanks for your comments guys. I’ll try to make it clearer!

WIRO!!! nice to hear about you!! Spore is same thing, a lot more people, no memory . just finished two shows!. how is London?


Wow!!!i Love it, great idea, i will looking forward the development of the image.

Good Luck.


sweet deal. this image rocks. if you dont mind my 2 cents i would say introduce some thing in the top left corner. maybe like simon suggested some guy on a jet pack…

but yea it needs something there. clouds planet or anything.


thanks to some of the guys feedback we are on a better track now. not too much change for now but definitely better future.

keep commenting!


Thanks ICHOMa . a ver como queda!

And SLAV. sure i’ll put something in that left corner. some sort of cloud + the guy flying. maybe he can be carrying some balloons or something …

And the kiss. i have to find some time for that kiss.

My wacom just started to die in some areas.DA?MN!!#$%!


Cool stuff :slight_smile: Weird and funny! :thumbsup:


It’s a very good idea! I love this style and this univers!

I am eager to see more !!
Good luck!..


That looks better, very nice work so far! :slight_smile:


Nice stuff there, Daniel! The concept of the jet packs being aliens are intriguing and hilarious at the same time. Try to have more depth among the humans, place one closer to the foreground, perhaps? most of them look about the same size, so the composition looks a little boring. How about making the alien look a fatter, so we can know where all the ‘jet’ is coming from :slight_smile:

I’ll wait to see where you are going in this direction. All the best and have fun!