Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Brad Staley


Brad, great final! I like your image. You did a great job!

Good luck!


Fernando! What’s up brother! I’m glad you picked up on my evil knievel touch for the dude in the chair. I didn’t realise it until I got finished. It’s a pretty eclectic scene if you will. Best of luck to you. Thanks for your support man.



Thank you Marco!

Your piece is fantastic as well.


What can I say, groovy stuff.
Yes very sci-fi the way I think of it, lots of weird eccentric imaginative “alien” touches
and atmosphere to it. Love the chairs. Deadline ended up pretty tight imho
Marvelous render setup and composition.

Maybe you’re going to work on some more texturing afterwards?
I know I need to. All in all a little more work and you got the real funkiness going.
Coooooool :buttrock:


Congrats Brad. I really glad you finished to final. Fantastic work and beautiful scene! I like to your alien designs. They are very different kind and creative :thumbsup: . Good luck for the voting



Ahmet and J.C., Thankyou! Thank You! Yeah there is alot more I wanted, and needed to do. Maybe on the next challenge.



Well done, Brad! Alice in Wonderland, Al in wonderland, (alien wonderland)?
Very cool and clean. Good luck in the final judgement.


Congratulations, Brad! Great image :slight_smile:

The best of luck!



Nice final you ended up with :slight_smile:


Paul: Were all in wonderland!LOL Thanks for your support throughout the challenge. Best of luck to you my friend.
p.s. Stay away from pizza!

Dimitrij: Thanks again! Loved your Finished piece.

Martin: Thank you I appreciate it. You have a wonderful piece of art in your thread. See you in the next challenge.



Brad you did a great work here Congratulations


hey, you kept the trilobites! good one…ya know…they almost like they are used simply for clearing any stains on your clothing…hehe, im spying the one by the nice maggot!.

It really is a very polished scene, rich in tone and lighting. Its very comical

i am also reminded of ‘Beetleguise’, it sure has a Tim Burton quirk about it. Thats two movies now so whats that, beetle/dune…dune/guise…eeh

anyways…congratz brad, its in a universe of its own!!

can’t believe its been 8 weeks?.



man your final image composition is reall good…
some of the mats could use a bit of tweaking but i really like the concapt and the way that you have pulled it through…
good luck for the comp :slight_smile:


Hey Eric,

Thank you! Best of luck to you.


Hey Marley,
It’s been awhile. How about beetle dung!LOL. Thanks for your comments,you kind of disappeared their. I awesome you got finished and hit a tropical beach for a couple of weeks.LOl Anyways, I agree that it’s in a universe all on it’s own. People probably don’t know what to think of it. Anyways, I followed my own star on this one.
Best of luck, and keep in touch.


Hey Simon,

Thanks for stopping by.There’s alot I simply could’nt get to, and alot of stuff I left out. Hindsight is 20/20, I look at the scene and somethings are minor, and somethings I just say oops I hope noone notices that.But all and all it was fun, and up to this point very rewarding. What an awesome community of people. If everyone lived closer I would have a BBQ with all of the people I’ve met.LOL Good times man. Best of luck, and thanks for your support.



im moving back to australia next month…if ya ever come over im up for a bbq…lol


Don’t tempt me, I may just show up on your doorstep.lol Australia sounds like an incredible place.


your final image is hilarious.
I like the texture and materials in your scene.
great job!


Thank you Seail! I’m glad you like it. I’ll admit It’s a bit quarky. But it’s got definate personality.Thanks again, and best wishes!