Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Brad Staley


Great going Brad! I like the alien-ness of the alien. Whacky but plausable. I think that will make the relationship with the human all the more meaningful.

Suitably opulent furnishings and condiments also.


Hey Armando,

Thank you, i’m moving as fast as I can.Times a tickin!


Hello John,

Thank you very much. Theres more to come. Like I said before truth is stranger than fiction. Who knows whats out there. Luckily through years of regression therapy I got a brief glimps through past abductions! LOL


looking good! :slight_smile: good luck


Thank you sir! Best of luck to you too.


Nice creature work man, I like the crusteacean :thumbsup:


Hey Dwight ,
Thank you!


Brad, thanks for the encouragement. You make wonderful critters.

The caterpillar looks great either with or without the legs, but the hairs/antenna really give him personality.



Hey Keith,

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your feedback, it keeps me going.



thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my empty thread lol
your concept looks very interesting and you are near done!
very nice.
keep it going!


I dont know why, but your image inspire me something…magical…is…looks like a classic…beautifull…More More!
have you considered a more dramatic camera angle for you scene?


Hey Brad this is looking really good. Love the alien guy with the multiple eyes and the quality of light you’ve got going here. Maybe the crustacean alien can be tilted a little more towards the viewer so we can see more of him?



You have a very distinctive design and very cool lighting! The alien with “many” eyes, is
sure something you can see in a scifi movie, totally Alien to me!
Keep up the good work!


Hey Fabio,

Thanks for the encouragement. I’m definately going to play around with the camera when I get the human finished. I’m having some rigging challenges. I’ll be posting camera angles for everyone to cast there vote on here shortly. thanks man,


Hello Rupert,
I agree with your crustacean observation. Right now he’s clipping through the table as well. I definately have my work cut out for me.Keep stopping in,


Hey Mathias,
Thanks for stopping in, and giving me some great encouragement.


Man, I feel so far behind! Amazing work so far, I’ll definatly be checking in on this one~


Thanks Michael,

your thread is looking exceptional.


Hey Brad! Great creature design. Can’t wait to see it finished! It will be a great entry!


Thanks Marco! Keep stopping by. Brad