Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Brad Staley


Thanks Eric,

Best of luck to you my friend.


Very nice clean render. I like the architecture and the shiny equipment.
Your first alien is really cool. Next century spiderman?
Looks like it’s really coming along.

Maybe you could look at the design on the back of the chairs again?
Or is it western styled? Dunno maybe just my taste.
You look like you know what you’re doing wish I could say the same.

Nice going :buttrock:


Great upadates here!! Very “hi quality” rendering!!:drool:


I agree with Oz and Spin99, This render is looking very sharp and the architecture and design of the surrounding stuff is very alien :slight_smile: I like the amount of detail you’ve put to the models.


Awesome design, the alien. Very cool


hi brad! i would’nt touch those creatures with a 50 foot pole :argh: but eager to see how the human characters will fit in the scene :stuck_out_tongue: keep it up mate


Hey Brad, thanks for the comment, your work looks amazing, I love the concept, and amazing detail as well, i’lll keep an eye on you, good luck!


Brad, nice objects. the same beauty of deco art.
The creatures are frightening, I hope that these things are not giants :slight_smile:
keep going,


Hey J.C.,

I’m definately going to revisit the chairs. There kind of place holders right now. Thanks for the feedback. Brad


Thank you Oz! Best of luck my friend.


Thank you Atte! I’m chugging along slow but sure.Thers definately more to flesh out. Keep checking in. Brad


Gopez: Thank you.

Jupy: Thank you.
Octostatue:Let’s hope to hell these things don’t exist.LOL I’ll have to admit everyone, thinks there kind of creepy, that’s a good thing, it’s definately made an impact. Keep checking in. Brad


Hey Marcos, Thanks for the feedback. I’m trying to keep everything cohesive with the design. I don’t know if thats good or bad. Oh well, I’m just letting my hair down and having a good time.Keep stopping by. Brad


Very nice clean render, I like the retro architecture feel. Nice alien too, very creepy. Looking forward to see how and in what manner this kind of alien will interact with us humans. On a friendly level I hope. Interested to see the final image, good luck!


Hey Andrew,

Thanks for stopping in, I’m trying to finish the human here soon. I’m sorry I haven’t made things very clear in my wip, kind of adds to the mystery i guess.Keep checking in. Brad


Thanks for the comments on my thread.
It looks like you are well on your way with your entry.
Good luck with finishing on time

wayne k
guam usa


Hello Brad - Your work is really cool. Weird and funny creatures and stunning organic modeling skills of course. Keep it up man! :thumbsup:


Love the characters and the nice render. Keep up the good work; looking forward to seeing more!


Wayne,Trey,Kerem. Thanks alot! I’m struggling right now with the human. Hopefully I can make the deadline. Keep checking in. Brad


hey Brad
i really like the concept. an interesting mood…
hurry up to finish.