Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Brad Staley


Thanks AndréYeah please keep checking in.Brad


Hello Brian,I’m just now filling in the scene so I know what I’m looking at. After that I’ll find my sweet spot with the angle.Keep stopping by, I’ll need your input. Thanks,



Hey Brad, that is looking really great, incredible alien designs, love it :smiley: Your interior design reminds me a bit the space station on Kubrick’s "2001: a space odyssey " (another of my all times favorite films), cool, with a nice retro touch on the furniture design, really cool! :smiley: :thumbsup: . Agree that you need to experiment a bit with the camera angle ( and perhaps with wider and short lens), only a comment :slight_smile: Again, really cool work. Cheers mate !! :beer:


Hey Fernando,

Thanks for the feedback.Yeah the camera stuff is going to come last to try and make it all work.I drew a concept piece(more like a scribble) to see how it would all look, it was the same angle I have right now. It looked allright. As for 2001 A space odyssey, I saw it when I was a kid, great show.Thanks again.Brad


You know, when your latest shot loaded for me, i saw a bronze evironment, something you may find in the steam punk genre…A bit of David Lynch’s “Dune” perhaps :smiley: hehe…

The Worm looks fantastic…and kinda creepy…Fantastic effort so far!



Hey Marley,

Thanks for the feedback.I’m texturing my creepy little buddy as we speak. As for Dune, it had amazing art direction for sure. My environment is going to be a bit polished l’ll have to admit, that’s why I’m trying to get my alien as organic looking as possible. Best of luck to you.


I can imagine a grand lounge design, with mysterious pipes and tubes hanging down from the ceiling with which they use to smoke their ‘shisha’. I can imagine the alien as some bad ass mafia lord, with a smart-looking alien suit. You should give it a plush sofa upon which it will rest comfortably. Perhaps turn the angle around a bit, so we can see more of it. The object on the ceiling could be a special light which will shine on the big alien giving it an air of menacing glamor and mystery.

Nice stuff so far! Keep going, Brad!


Thanks Jeromoo! I love your feedback, I’m kind of going in that direction. The grand lounge is kind of where I’m heading. I think Lounge is going to be the key word here. I’m posting right now hope to talk soon. Your awesome. Brad


Here is the hero aliens amazing texture work. LOL Feedback.


O.K. This is the angle I might stay with, and flesh it out from here. I know, the humans coming soon. I have alot left to do,flesh out the interior and make the hooka work, and change the hands up on the alien. This is just a test render, the trilobite guy is going through the table.Oh well that will all be fixed. More coming soon. Brad


This looks great!


Hey Paul, Much appreciated, keep stopping by. Brad


Hey Brad :slight_smile: It looks great - only the trilobite is not quite visible from this angle (but I’m sure you’ll fix all that). Coming along really well. Love those little gizmos on the table :slight_smile:




Wow… fantastic update. I agree with Dimitrij about the second alien. You’re going great!


I have to say, by far, one of the most creative aliens I’ve seen. Looking forward to seeing the whole scene.


Thanks Aaron,
I’m trying. Just a few weeks left. Theres going to be some long nights. Later, Brad


André: Thank you!

Dimitrij:Thank you! Keep stopping in guy’s, and thanks for your support. Brad


Shaping up really nicely Brad! The texture on the slug is looking nice, maybe it needs a bit of variation in the spec? I like how the scene is coming together, awaiting further updates!



Hey Ryan,
I’m adding more lights to the scene, especially the interior. I’ll have to see how the slug looks at that point. I have a SSS shader on it right now, there’s still a million tweeks to perform. Keep stopping in,


Really nice concept and w.i.p. Brad , congratulations.