Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Brad Staley


Great idea and execution so far Brad. I really like these non humaniod aliens as others have stated. Can’t wait to see all these fellas suckin on the hooka!!



Ok. Here is the same alien with legs.What do you think?Be gentile.LOL


Thank you very much! The whole alien development process is very liberating. I’m enjoying the hell out of the whole thing.Thanks again. Brad


Greetings Thalasso,
Thanks for your encouragement. Keep stopping by. Good luck to you too. Brad


What a freaky design for the alien! Aliens sharing a ‘high’ time with the humans, cool idea! I have a suggestion: add some orifices on the alien so that when it takes a puff, smoke billows out of the orifices. I think that will make for a great effect! Perhaps you can give it pincer-like hands to hold the hookah/shisha pipe. Keep going, Brad!


Hey Brad, this alien is amazing! I very much like it. I think none legs more emphesis than last picture. You can make to legs similar of aerials. Good working in progress, good luck mate!


Nice modeling man its look somehorer works


Hey Jeromoo,
Thanks for your suggestions, definately something to consider. I’ll be texturing and refining here soon. I think I might use some of bumps on his back for the exhaust if you will.Thanks again.


Very nice idea indeed ! I’m very curious about colors and textures. Sorry to don’t be of much help right now but I don’t know the first thing about 3d modeling (well maybe a bolean operation between a cube and a sphere… :wink: ).


Thanks for the kind words my friend. I’m still deliberating on the legs/no legs thing.Keep stopping by. Brad


Thanks Hawkflying.I’m glad you like it. Keep checking in. Brad


Hey Tiziano,
Glad you could stop by. Theres going to be plenty to critique as soon as I start texturing. I’ll be looking to the community for help for sure. With the whole time element, I’ll be mixing 3D with 2D to make it all work. Cheers!


Finaly I found your thread! :slight_smile: It would be easier if you’d have a link to it in your signature.

Awesome modeling! Love the alien design - I don’t know why but I love trilobites :). The other alien also looks great, very unusual.

Keep up the great work :slight_smile:




Hey Dimitrij,
Sorry I didn’t have a link in my signature. To be honest I’m not quite sure how to do that. It would be very useful. Thanks for the kind words, i’m a trilobite fan as well.If you can point me in the right direction for the thread signature thing that would be great. Thanks again. Brad

p.s. Your entry looks awesome!


Brad, you need to go “UserCP” (user control panel - if you don’t see it above go to “members”), then click on “Edit Signature”. There you can write - for example: My Uplift Entry or whatever select the text and click on the the insert link (globe with a chain symbol) and insert the link to your thread.

I hope that I could help.


Dimitrij :slight_smile:


Hey Dimitrij,

Thanks again for your help. I finally figured it out. Best of luck to you. Brad


This is the alien in his proper context.Iim going to change the designs of the seat to accomodate him.Next up is the human.Than final texture work and painting.Sorry my approach is probably a bit unorthadox, but I’ll figure it out.Thanks Brad


Very original concept mate! Great modeling on the alien. I’ll keep my eyes here.


Ah - don’t mention it :slight_smile: I’m glad I could help!




This looks very fascinating already :applause:


This is a very interesting idea. Make sure you play around with the shot so it helps tell the story…