Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Brad Staley


THe ornamentals and the models look good.
Keep going


Thank you! I’m trying to move as fast as I can, when I can. I’m running a company right now, so it’s hard to keep posting. But I plan on finishing, so thanks for the support. I appreciate it.


Hey man you have a lot of great work in here, I am really loving the look of the creatures. You’ve packed a lot of detail in there! :buttrock:

Matt :slight_smile:


Danke! I’m tryin. Thanks for the encouragement. Rock on Brother!


Wow, I like your character:love:


Hey Joko,
Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be posting more soon. Cheers!


I was off due to some reasons, but i have made my mind up to continue on the “video category” on this challenge. Thus I gave up with the “image category”. I wish i have time to complete both but schedule is tough and time gets short. I pray and hope i can produce a good video here. :cool:. Let’s see anyway.

I have changed my signature link to show the video category entry!!

[b]Your ornament detail looks like more than an ornament, as if it is a hidden and/or sleeping alien at the wall who is about to attack :cool:.

I wonder much about the whole scene. Looking forward.


Hello Levent,

I know what you mean about the time issue. I have three kids and I’m running a business as we speak. But, it’s a pretty cool experience, worth putting some energy into for sure. I’ve been reading the books, very cool. keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to receiving more of your input. Best of luck.


Great stuff so far. I really appreciate that your aliens (and your ornamentation) are really alien, not just standard bipedal creatiures (like mine! :slight_smile: ) The universe is probably a stranger place than we can even imagine. So great work so far, looking forward to seeing how your humans fit in. Good luck!


Truth is stranger than fiction. Thanks for your support. I’m working on the human, and hero alien as we speak. I don’t dare post it yet because it’s definately a work in progress.Keep stopping in there will be more to come. take care Walrus. Thanks again!


Hi Brad
Really fun idea. I have the same opinion of walrus. Almost all of us have done humanoid Aliens. I like the idea of “No humanoid” Aliens, in am human cotidian situation.
Very good the “ornamental sketch”.
Keep it on


Hi Brad,

I like your creatures, good modeling!


Hey Iban,

Thank you.Thats the fun part about creating aliens, theirs no rules, anything goes.Keep checking in.


Thanks Robert. Good luck to you.


Hey Brad, really nice concept and awesome designs on the aliens !! I like a lot your approach to the concept, cool !. And cant wait to see the interactions with humans :smiley: Again, great work and looking forward for more updates! Cheers mate! :beer:


Hola Fernando! Thanks for your support, it’s definatley putting the pressure on me to produce more. I’ll be posting soon. On the weekends I try to make a big push, that’s my free time. The human is coming, i’m trying to work out the cloth simulation right now so i don’t have to model it. Anyways keep stopping bye, good to hear from you.

La buena suerte y tiene una cerveza para mí.:beer:


:bowdown: Can’t wait to see what i have instore you say, you should redirect that question in your direction(no disrespect). So far you have the most alien world iv’e seen, which realy feels alien along with the most alien like aliens that are alien(ha tiny joke). Anyway, please keep up the excellent work, really awsome.


Hey William,

Thanks for the feedback. I hope my next post lives up to everyones expectations. This has been a fun ride so far. I have a helluva lot of work to do on this project. But I’m excited, posts like your’s keep me goin. Thanks again! Brad


Aha, as far as I can see there is knowledge and an idea behind your endeavor. That is what I like. The final image is still a surprise. And the scenic elements shown are great and puzzling at the same time: how does it all come together? Great… and at the same time handling a busy family life! Hmm. Well, good luck. There is still some work to be done ( especially thinking about my own undertaking).



O.K This is the Alien that’s going to be sitting on the chair on the left of the piece. Once again it will be sharing a hooka with the human that will be sitting in the other chair.I’m still deliberating putting some kind of legs on it.I’ll be waiting for feedback. Cheers everyone.