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This is a place holder for now, but will be incorporated in the future. My wife has encouraged me to participate in this contest.I’m very excited, I’ve never done this kind of thing.I will submit a concept illustration very soon.Thanks for your support everyone.
Brad Staley


Glad to have you onboard Brad! I wish you good luck!!


Thank you Sir.


VEEEERy nice object man! cool materials and design.


that’s one cool looking design , it got that magical classical sci-fi feel to it,
you got the coolest start i seen so far :slight_smile:

or sci-fi / steampunk, well, magical anyhow :stuck_out_tongue:



Thank you, Squibbet, and thank you OZ! You’ve all made my day. I’m not sure how to post individually. Anyway’s this is going to be fun. I’m at work right now, hopefully I can post more this weekend. Have a great day.


I’m just trying to establish a look and feel right now for Creatures Characters etc… The next step is to add more details like armor,and possible weaponry/technology. More to come.


Nice modelling and shaders so far. Good luck to you, keep it up :wavey:


Danke Herr Wuestemeier. Glück zu Ihnen auch.


Thanks for the comment Brad. I love funny comments like yours… Your thread looks great best of luck…


Thank you for your encouraging words Brad, my joy is enhanced.

That’s an exciting creature you’ve got there, reminds me of bringing insect repellant when I go to my summer cabin next time:-)


That was the next thing I was going to model(Bug Spray). I’ll try to incorporate it as a chimp or dolphin weapon. I’m actually going to be a bit ambitious and try to do a battle seen on an epic scale. More to come thanks for the reply.


Neat! I like creatures like this – things that aren’t quite like anything on Earth. This is kind of like a horseshoe crab, kind of like a cockroach, and overall, unambiguously alien. Nice start!


Thats amazing work. It reminds me of a fossilized Trilobite …With the way my imagination works, i could see this at least 10 kilometres wide creature, gliding in the air

I can also imagine it looking fantastic flying backwards aswell…hahahahaha

hey great work so far…can’t wait to see this in its proper context!



Thank you Vikram! I’m a big fan of the Cambrian period. This is based off of Bristolia Bristolensis, one of the more exotic trilobites in my opinion. Nothing more alien and creepy than a trilobite. Thanks for your post and support!



Thanks Marley! 10 kilometres is pretty big. Maybe I could put the rest of the army on it’s back. Can you imagine that thing getting ready to land and wreaking havoc? I could probably put humans on the ground paralyzed with fear. Thanks for the encouragement.
Interesting idea.



This is my WIP. There will be a creature on the left, and a robed human on the right. They will be arriving at the space needle in mexico.This will all be visible through the window in the background.


This is a rough sketch of what you’ll see throught the window.


This is an ornamental sketch I did for the inside of the spaceship walls.