Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Björn Norberg


The patern on the floor and the reflection of the characters is well done. I’m also jealous of your rendering of his hair and skin tones, something I have yet to master.


allmost there. need to fix the building on the left side and maby lighten up the whole scene.


Will have a look at it tomorrow and see if I want to change anything. Otherwise this is the final.
Thanks for your support!


Nice work. Very moody piece, with the dark lighting and the blue mist coming off the building in the back. Very cool! I love the chiaroscuro lighting that you’ve used - kind of harsh, which seems to fit the characters you’ve chosen, as well. Nice work! :thumbsup:


Final entry looks superb, nice changes to the composition.

Congratulations on a fantastic image! :slight_smile:


Wow Norberg! i dindn’t see your work before… But i think it’s reslly stunning!
Details and atmosphere are wonderful!


congratulation to your final Norberg! :wink:

It´s a really cool scene you´re showing up here. I like the details on the floor alot and it´s mirroring ist just wonderful. Also nice shading to the vehicle and your overall dark mood.

I especially like this big guy and the proportion to the main character. It really shows, that he is his “real scary” bodyguard, i don´t wanne meet him hehe.

Good luck with your entry man! :thumbsup:


I just defined the aliens arm a bit.

So the story
The guy in the centre has brought some protection to the deal.


Great work Norberg!!!Creepy, great mood, cool characters, etc!!!
Just great so!
Good luck on the judging man and
all the best to you:beer:



A very very nice final indeed :thumbsup:


very nice piece of work! One of the bests.


nice set and mood


very 80’s/blade runner/hollywood/sc-fi…

this would really make an excellen movie poster or book cover…

as i said before i really like this work and the refinenment of detail was reall good too…

best of lucks!


Hey Björn, great image! I like a lot the “noir” style on it, great environment! And the floor texture is superb!! :thumbsup: Congratulations for this great artwork! Best of luck!! And time for a lot of cold beers and a big tequila bottle :smiley: Cheers mate!! :beer:


awesome atmosphere - I especially love the collage of futuristic and antique - I think the 18th century style coats are my favourite + the floor :smiley: :thumbsup:


Hadn’t seen this before and just wanted to say that you created a very nice piece. The mix of eras, the atmosphere, all work great together. Nice work and good luck with this.


!!! definitely my favorit !!! excellent job!


I was glad to see that you placed. I really like your image.

Good work!

Take care,



sweet work, great to see the progress. nice job


wow very deep atmosphere, very cool. does he looks a bit like Tom Cruise?
anyway great piece.