Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Björn Norberg


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Latest Update: Final Image: uplift universe


A quick color / composition doodle.


Very cool. I love the composition, colors and lighting.


looks cool. what’s their relationship?


cool characters and scene ambience
I’ll be cheking your next updates
good luck :wink:



VERY interesting looking thumbnail :slight_smile: Nice sketch. Gosh, I’d like to paint in such manner. Great colors, don’t change them later! :thumbsup:


Interesting stuff you have here. I wonder in what way these two characters are related?


One shadowing the other, or protecting him? Are they collegues, rivals, employer and employee? One could end up writing a novel just starting from the athmosphere you’ve set here.

Very intriguing, suscribed for sure.


I have started to detail the centre figures and som background elements.
It´s a bit darker now but with the final highlights and little lights on the buildings I think it will be OK.


awesome work bjorn am really liking the mood and atmosphere

now get it finished !



another image that has sorta come out of nowhere…
nice lighting and mood…

are you thinking of making it all crisp or to keep some of it dark and smoky?
either way seems cool…


To censor myself, all I can say is EFFING AWESOME!


Very nice detailing :slight_smile: This will be a hit for sure. Looking forward to read the story.


Very dark and ominous… I love it.

The detail coming through is excellent and I am looking forward to seeing the final entry.

Best of luck!:slight_smile:


Hey Björn, really cool image, like a lot the “noir” atmosphere on your concept :slight_smile: Maybe a bit of rain and stormy weather… only a wish not a critic :smiley: Cheers mate! :beer:


I really like your work so far. It has that XFiles feel to it.

Keep it up.


static composition, but who cares…static can be beauty, love it so far (esp. gentle colors).


bearfoot: Thanks man, I will.
Cyberone: I will probably keep some parts less defined. Don´t think I have the time to define every part.
Gopez: he he, thanks
Martin Nielsen: Thanks alot! I´m not sure of the story yet. There will not be a novel that´s for sure. But I should be able to come up with a few words.
Headtrip: Thanks man.
Ferx: If I have the time there will be stormy weather. Tanks for dropping by.
blasinggraham: Love the X-files! Thanks.
mant-Raz: Static as it can be! I allways end up with a static composition. Really need to practice that.


A few more detail. I´ll probable change the guy to the left cause he´s just standing there now.


Here´s a closeup on the characters. Still have the background to clean up.