Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Bill Corbett


Yea, agreed, it really does feel lik ea classic illustration of old.

Bloody dumbasses after their next fix…The bane of civilization :wip:

gratz on your entry bill…One of my favourites



Whoa, what did that bug eat? Cool concept with great execution!


Great entry Pearlyking. I agree with a previous poster… a real nice trippy pic :slight_smile: - Great style also. Good Luck with this bud.


John - Thanks v much, it’s funny I wish I could do the 3d thing but I’m really crap at it!

Andrew - I appreciate that very much I do love retro styles when it comes to fantasy and sci-fi :slight_smile: Thanks!

Marley - Hey, you hit the nail on the head. It’s typical of human beings to exploit any opportunity for a free high! Thanks mate!

Peter - I was thinking that they eat the toxic gases and ‘fart’ out non toxic ones :smiley: Thanks for coming back for another look!

Drew - Cheers I appreciate that v much!


Your entry is one of my favorites for this contest. The scene is great. Now for the critique,
you need to really take the the characters and bring out their emotions, actions, and story… etc… The landscape is telling the story, not the characters. look forward to seeing htis one finished.


Very nice story and great image.
You tried to apply the sharp filter?
perhaps the result is interesting.


Brian - Thanks for your input! I’m still scratching my chin about adding another character to the mix to balance the landscape, so far I haven’t come up with much :frowning: There might be another update left in me though. Did you have something in mind?

Marcos - The full size image is pretty sharp, but maybe I should use the unsharpen mask a few times and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion!


Hey Bill, love that image!! Really great!! Awesome enviroment and light for the whole painting, great feeling and style on it!! :thumbsup: Congratulations for this awesome artwork!! Cheers mate!! Time for a really well deserved cold beers!! :beer:


hey man! great image
been a pleasure workng along side you :slight_smile:

best of luck mate,



Fernando - Thanks man! I will have a few cold ones I think :slight_smile:

Alywn - The pleasures mine too. I’ve enjoyed every second of this challenge, especially watching all the progress of all the other entrants :slight_smile:


This turned out real nice. Congrats man.


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