Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Bill Corbett


Vastroslav - Thanks very much, I guess I’m very much a child of the seventies and eighties myself :slight_smile:

- Lol, I was gonna mention frog licking in my little story line but I thought it was pretty self explanitory :smiley: Thanks for your suggestions throughout they’ve been really helpful. One more update and I’ll give it a rest :slight_smile:


Hi Pearlyking

Very fun concept. Good colours, above all the alien bug texture. I like it a lot.

Best wishes for you.


awesome! really nice color palette ,the green dude is just perfect! all the small changes in saturation makes the image betterit’ s really almost done…if i can suggest will be justa bit of hazy brightness in the far horizon sky and mountain just under the orange shirt dude…bt justa bit goin to the color u have in the highlights of the rock …anyway very very good!


Story: They say the cloud bugs of Ross 154 excrete a potent hallucinogen if you stimulated their tentacles for any prolonged amount of time. I guess that’s why gas-riders have the highest mortality rate in the ‘extreme’ sports groups

Background: I guess I have a cynical view of humanity. Once I had thought about an alien enviroment and the creatures that live there I only had to think about how we would exploit that!

Update: Detailed the right hand rocks and added a little haze behing them to finish.


Hey, how about adding some spectators running along the path down there to watch? This way, we could have some cool depth of field using the humans as a visual aid, from foreground to background.

Some of them could be climbing up the rock mounds to join in the fun as well. We still have plenty of time left! :slight_smile:


That’s a wild, exciting image. I love it!


looks really cool and I agree with mdavid I love it


Iban - Thanks v much :slight_smile:

Matthieu - Thanks very much. I followed your suggestion slightly whilst I was refining the rocks on the right. I think it does help the overall perception.

Jerome - I really like your suggestion. I kinda did the perspective without guides so I will try it out and see if it works. It may well be that this isn’t the last picture, but I will be taking a break from it for a little while :slight_smile: Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Mark - Thankyou so much :slight_smile:

Antone - Thanks, I really appreciate your words :slight_smile:


Wow, this is an excellent image, I really like the alien atmosphere you’ve created here! Congratulations on the final image. :thumbsup:

Matt :slight_smile:


Well done! I love all the motion going on in this image and the mood that you have captured with your palette.
So you have finished with four weeks remaining until the deadline. :surprised
I have to get my skates on!

Good luck!


Matt - Thanks v much, I appreciate all the support you’ve given me through this :slight_smile:

Paul - Thanks, I still have 4 weeks to change it if the mood comes over me I guess :slight_smile:


you made it. those clouds and ground very hard indeed. love those guys hanging. one of my favorites. great scale as well.!

good luck !


Great final image, mate! Congratulations! Love the whole idea :):thumbsup:



Daniel - Thanks v much :slight_smile:
Dimitrij - Thanks mate :slight_smile:


bravo Bill well done! congrats on this very trippy image !very very nice one:beer:


Hi Bill ! :wavey:
Thanks so much for the support! About your entry the color’s development are done in a great level of professionalism! I really like all the people and alien concepts you have done, the flowers that look like starfish are awesome! I am sure you got all your ideas together since the Final does look as it! , I’ll be here to support you for sure if there’s a change in your mind, or mood as you mentioned, hope you won’t because this looks so from other world! Excellent!:scream: And sorry for dropping by to your thread so late! :sad:


WOW! When i look the very first time at your image (5 mins ago)…i asked myself what damn meaning have that cool scene…
Something reminds me some sort of extreme experience…then i read the story…
in one word…great.
After reading i felt that “already” a good idea makes good images…
ur stuff are well designed and very well coloured also.
COol coOL StufF!


Mathieu - Thanks very much, I guess trippy is the perfect description :smiley:

Axel - Thankyou I very much appreciate your words :slight_smile:

Fabio - I’m really glad you like my idea and my rendering :slight_smile: Thanks, it’s most appreciated.


Really nice!! I love the concept and the excecution is great too. You 2d guys are making me wonder why I am bothering with all this 3D nonsense.


This is such a fantastic image, not only I do love the concept, but also the colour choice and composition. It has a real classic Sci -fi illustation look about it, it reminds me of the golden age of sci-fi illustation (the 70’s). Superb!:thumbsup: