Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Bill Corbett


Great work, Bill! Love the rocks and the clouds and the planet now looks great!:thumbsup:

So what are these people doing? Taking a joy ride?




I like the atmosphere. and your steam-insect :slight_smile: looks really great.
I interrested to see what’s next.



Hehehe… I like it, you worked a lot in the background and it ended up just great, the blue sky stands up really nice… Now I haven’t read all the posts , so, is the alien some kind of transportation? if so I love it! but people would need to look more acustomed to hanging from tentacles home. it looks dangerous the way they do it… Also the other aliens are maybe too small, I missed them for a while before I noticed them there… but that could be just me :smiley:

Anyway I like the result a lot! Cheeers!! !!


haha…nice concept and great image. I like this kind of interaction. The humans seems to geting some kind of ride, it looks to me like a transportation system.


Karyn - Thanks for watching :slight_smile:

David - Thanks very much, yes I think I prefer an ‘unreal’ type of twist to the interaction :slight_smile:

Gerardo - That’s a really good idea! and it will work into the line of the composition perfectly. I will more than likely try that out at some point. Thanks!

Marco - Thanks very much, I’m quite pleased I managed to do them out of my head which hopefully gives them a more alien quality :slight_smile:

- That’s exactly what they’re doing! I just think that it’s quite typical of human beings to exploit something like this for their own amusement! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

- Thanks very much, There’s not much going to happen now, perhaps one more figure and a few more ground life forms.

Gabriel - I guess they’re joyriding and yes in typical human fashion these guys are risking their lifes for the mere thrill of it :smiley: Thanks for the feedback on the smaller lifeforms too I’ll see if I can make them standout a little more when I’m refining. Thanks again I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Asparuh - Yes they’re taking advantage of a phenomena of this planet and in typical human fashion are exploiting it to the max! Thanks for looking :slight_smile:


awesome work Bill, it gets better and better … good luck :slight_smile:


yay ace. it’s like some kind of extreme sport ! gas bug dangling! where do i sign up ? :Dgreat work man.



nice work so far mate I like the idea too it is so unique keep going :scream:


Bill, It is coming along very nicely since I last looked. I really like how your composition flows and your sense of humor is spot on for me! Excellent! I’m looking forward to your future installments:)


Very nice Pearlyking. It’s comin’ along nicely. May I suggest, you can better size the ‘stars’ on the ground to create a better feel of depth. The star in the lowest right might be even bigger?


I think the issue I see right now is that your most saturated colours are in the background, and your foreground is too greyed out. For a better sense of depth maybe you could try reversing that.


Yusuf - Thanks v much :slight_smile:

Alwyn - lol, thanks man!

Antone - Thankyou!

Anthony - Thanks very much, it’s almost done now so there might only be a couple more installments.

- Thanks, I’ve enlarged that star by about 50% for my next update. Good call!

Kevin - I kinda agree, I actually saturated the front rocks on my last painting session to give the path more of a leading in motion. Hopefully you’re see that on my next update. Thanks for the suggestion.


hah they sort of remind me of people trying to keep hold of a runaway hot air balloon and not having any luck. Excellent concept.


Here’s the background story : They say the cloud bugs of Ross 154 excrete a potent hallucinogen if you stimulated their tentacles for any prolonged amount of time. I guess that’s why gas-riders have the highest mortality rate in the ‘extreme’ sports groups.

Stage 11, OK so I’ve saturated the front a little, refined the rocks a bit more and tidied up the humans. I added a little guy on the rock and enlarged the star life-form at the front. I also up’d the saturation and lightness by about 9% for the whole image (see if that works). At this stage I’m not sure there’s anything more I can do without over working it. So I’ll take a rest and call it ‘finished for now’. Thanks as ever for looking - viewing size is larger this time!


Hey! This is getting better and better! And sooo funny!! I love the guy who stands on the cliff ready to catch the tentacle LOL…

The change in saturation (foreground - background) was also a very good tip, and it looks great now.

Thanks for the fun, mate!




loving the details / story :slight_smile:



surely one of my favs! :stuck_out_tongue: :love: i can find many things here ;
depth, colour, story, style, detail …
since you’ve added a lot of detail to the cliff on lower right, somehow it’s a little faint, maybe increasing the contrast will enhance that area some more…
me can’t wait to see the final image! :eek: :bounce:
cheers my friend! :beer:


Andy - Thanks mate!

- Thanks man, I think I’m almost done now :slight_smile:

Alwyn - Thanks v much, most appreciated :slight_smile:

Neville - Thanks! I really appreciate it. I think you have a good point about the rocks to the right hand side, and especially I’m thinking making them more consistant with the rocks on the other side. I think that will do it and I can call it finished. Thanks again :slight_smile:


I :bowdown: your painting skill and like your style, it reminds me of illustrations I used to admire on SF-novels as a kid in the 80s. Cool and original tentacled “alien-torpedo” you developed. Good luck and :thumbsup:


Awesome dude. This is frog-licking taken to an extreme. lol.
Now go take a well deserved rest ;).