Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Bill Corbett


[li]Thanks Mark, I tried them out and liked them so I guess they stay :smiley: The rocks I’d say are about 90% done now :)[/li][/ul]
[li]Hi Dimitrij, yes I will post a little concept sketch and work I’ve been doing later. Thanks for dropping by :)[/li][/ul]


Very dramatic lighting! I love the towering cloud formations and the planet/moon.


you are still keeping us in the dark about what the alien and humans are gonna look like and all that! Get very curious now. The little plant things really look good against that rock. The rocks look great by the way!


Excellent colour and composition. Love the style, reminds me of the old 70’s science fiction paintings. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.


Wow, you’ve done a great job with this. You’re really capturing the alien environment perfectly.

Matt :slight_smile:


Stage 8, OK so I’ve started roughing out my main alien creature, but for the moment I leave the human interaction as a little bit of a mystery. On another note I’ve added a litle alien twist to why some of the clouds are so colourful (rear end)Thanks for looking!


Paul - Thanks, glad you like it :slight_smile:

Andy- Hopefully my latest update will lessen the mystery a little more :smiley: thanks mate!

Andrew - Thanks v much, I appreciate the compliment about the 70’s SF style.

Matt - Thankyou, I hoped by not using references I would keep the feel more off-worldly.


Nice Bill! This does make complete sense with the background, and it makes the most out of the pallete. Good job!


YAY we have giant fart propelled bug alien!!! What more could one ask for? brilliant explanation for the clouds! Wicked


Ohhhh, now that’s explains the strange reddish clouds I was about to point out before you posted that new update! I can almost feel the Starcaft game vibe here (damn, that sequel couldn’t come soon enough)

I would like to point out another crit here: at the top edge of the painting (the sky area). It seems that there’s a bluish ‘line’ which doesn’t seem so natural to me. It is as if the bluish area is framing the top part of the painting too obviously. Perhaps you can paint the purple part of the sky to go beyond part of the bluish area. Or maybe the bluish part is too saturated?

Great progress here, Bill! :slight_smile:


god, can you imagine stepping on this new alien planet admiring the scenes when you hear this monster gently break wind into the distant horizon??.hehehe. We’re not on the planet Uranus are we?..sorry, my bad…Puns can be dangerous.

I Really appreciate how well you’ve rendered those rocks…so gorgeous.

Such fine progress!!



Hello Bill!

Don’t get discouraged by the critics - I like your approach. But there are some small points that I would change:

1 - I know it’s not intended but it looks as if there are clouds behind the planet or moon (?) I think the dark side of the planet should have aproximately the same value as the sky, I might be wrong but there was something about how moons look when viewed through an atmosphere…

2 - I would spread the conus of smoke emerging from the behind of the ship in the front a bit more.

I’m sure you’ll change a lot anyway, since it’s still WIP, but I thought I’d point some things out.

Keep it up!




looking great, you’ve really addressed the depth of field.

i would agree that the darkest part of the planet should be the same as the sky colour. also maybe rotationg your moon so the light angle matches with the clouds… i might be wrong :slight_smile:

crazy creatures! on a mad gas powered migration! ace. though i’m sure it dosen’t smell to good :smiley: !
looking forward to updates, really working man :smiley:


Gerardo - Thanks v much I appreciate it.

Andy - hehe I like the idea too although I guess it can be seen as either fun or not really :smiley:

Jerome - That’s a good call, I only seem to see the line on my second screen so I think I might need to calibrate my screen a little better. I’ll be revisiting this part of the picture when I merge in the planet a little more later on. I’ll take care of it then. Thanks for bringing my attention to it :slight_smile:

Marley - lol, the lengths I go to to explain a redish cloud!! Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Dimitrij - Critiques are no problem for me. It’s like having a third eye and it helps to get as many perspectives as possible when you’re working on something new :slight_smile: You are right about the planet and it was already on my to-do list. My original clouds splashed over a bit where the moon/planet sits over it. I like the idea of spreading the smoke I will try it out at some point. Thanks for dropping by and for your helpful advice :slight_smile:

Alwyn - Thanks, I shall be getting to that moon pretty soon and now you mention it. I might have to review my lighting on the moon in relation to the clouds as well, it looks a little out, although that might change when the moon has more distance to it. I’ll see how it looks after I work it a bit up there.


Stage 9, Spent some time detailing the alien getting things ready for the human interaction. Once the human element has been added I’ll go round and tidy things up. Getting near the end now… Thanks for looking!


Hey, Bill. Nothing to crit from me, I’m just thoroughly enjoying this and wanted to subscribe so as not to miss any of your updates! Love the humorous way the aliens use ‘thrust’. LOL.


Stage 10, I’ve added the human element to my human & alien interaction, but they will need a little more refinement. I think you should get the gist of what they’re up to. I changed the far background to recede the planet a bit more, painted out the purple haze and did some work on the constellations (not sure if it works yet). Will now start to refine a little more here and there till I’m bored with it. Thanks for looking!!


Wonderfull job on the rocks treatment, I really like your idea. More poetic than realistic.


Looks like a lot of fun Bill and the planet looks far better now. Maybe you could add another guy on top of the rock formation waiting to jump over the bug; it would read very well against the light coulds and would be good for storytelling purspouses as well.


Great start, Bill! I whish I could paint clouds and mountains like you do!

Good luck fellow!