Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Bill Corbett


Hey, how about adding some spectators running along the path down there to watch? This way, we could have some cool depth of field using the humans as a visual aid, from foreground to background.

Some of them could be climbing up the rock mounds to join in the fun as well. We still have plenty of time left! :slight_smile:


That’s a wild, exciting image. I love it!


looks really cool and I agree with mdavid I love it


Iban - Thanks v much :slight_smile:

Matthieu - Thanks very much. I followed your suggestion slightly whilst I was refining the rocks on the right. I think it does help the overall perception.

Jerome - I really like your suggestion. I kinda did the perspective without guides so I will try it out and see if it works. It may well be that this isn’t the last picture, but I will be taking a break from it for a little while :slight_smile: Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Mark - Thankyou so much :slight_smile:

Antone - Thanks, I really appreciate your words :slight_smile:


Wow, this is an excellent image, I really like the alien atmosphere you’ve created here! Congratulations on the final image. :thumbsup:

Matt :slight_smile:


Well done! I love all the motion going on in this image and the mood that you have captured with your palette.
So you have finished with four weeks remaining until the deadline. :surprised
I have to get my skates on!

Good luck!


Matt - Thanks v much, I appreciate all the support you’ve given me through this :slight_smile:

Paul - Thanks, I still have 4 weeks to change it if the mood comes over me I guess :slight_smile:


you made it. those clouds and ground very hard indeed. love those guys hanging. one of my favorites. great scale as well.!

good luck !


Great final image, mate! Congratulations! Love the whole idea :):thumbsup:



Daniel - Thanks v much :slight_smile:
Dimitrij - Thanks mate :slight_smile:


bravo Bill well done! congrats on this very trippy image !very very nice one:beer:


Hi Bill ! :wavey:
Thanks so much for the support! About your entry the color’s development are done in a great level of professionalism! I really like all the people and alien concepts you have done, the flowers that look like starfish are awesome! I am sure you got all your ideas together since the Final does look as it! , I’ll be here to support you for sure if there’s a change in your mind, or mood as you mentioned, hope you won’t because this looks so from other world! Excellent!:scream: And sorry for dropping by to your thread so late! :sad:


WOW! When i look the very first time at your image (5 mins ago)…i asked myself what damn meaning have that cool scene…
Something reminds me some sort of extreme experience…then i read the story…
in one word…great.
After reading i felt that “already” a good idea makes good images…
ur stuff are well designed and very well coloured also.
COol coOL StufF!


Mathieu - Thanks very much, I guess trippy is the perfect description :smiley:

Axel - Thankyou I very much appreciate your words :slight_smile:

Fabio - I’m really glad you like my idea and my rendering :slight_smile: Thanks, it’s most appreciated.


Really nice!! I love the concept and the excecution is great too. You 2d guys are making me wonder why I am bothering with all this 3D nonsense.


This is such a fantastic image, not only I do love the concept, but also the colour choice and composition. It has a real classic Sci -fi illustation look about it, it reminds me of the golden age of sci-fi illustation (the 70’s). Superb!:thumbsup:


Yea, agreed, it really does feel lik ea classic illustration of old.

Bloody dumbasses after their next fix…The bane of civilization :wip:

gratz on your entry bill…One of my favourites



Whoa, what did that bug eat? Cool concept with great execution!


Great entry Pearlyking. I agree with a previous poster… a real nice trippy pic :slight_smile: - Great style also. Good Luck with this bud.


John - Thanks v much, it’s funny I wish I could do the 3d thing but I’m really crap at it!

Andrew - I appreciate that very much I do love retro styles when it comes to fantasy and sci-fi :slight_smile: Thanks!

Marley - Hey, you hit the nail on the head. It’s typical of human beings to exploit any opportunity for a free high! Thanks mate!

Peter - I was thinking that they eat the toxic gases and ‘fart’ out non toxic ones :smiley: Thanks for coming back for another look!

Drew - Cheers I appreciate that v much!