Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Bill Corbett


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Stage one of a painted sketch. Just roughing out a palette, shapes etc etc. Not sure what will develop at this stage (might not develop at all). Trying to be proactive till something sparks!


Welcome and good luck, Bill :smiley: Starting with a strong palette - nice! I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with.


Stage 2 worked out a cloud formation for an interesting background. Thinking about the mid and foreground for now, and will probally revisit the background when I have something more to work on. Thanks for looking!


Now that is a cloud and 3 quarts, Bill… it looks like your going to shape them into figures?..Yea agreed, strong colours!..good to see you off the starting line :smiley:



Thanks Marley and Simon. I hope I can put out something to be proud of :slight_smile:


Stage 3. I decided on a nice red planet for some human & alien interaction. Now that I’ve got the stage I’ll need to work out the action! Once I’ve done that I can get on with some refinements. I’ll give it a rest for today and crack on with it in the week sometime. Thanks for looking!


gj bill, yea i really like the colors :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Eric, glad you like the colours :slight_smile:


lovely colors for the background! looking forward to it! ^^


Bill this landscape is looking bloomin ace! I love those billowy clouds too. keep this up.


Thanks Peter, Andy I certainly will try! :slight_smile:


Stage 4 : I worked out some texture to the rocks on the right and gave the rocks to the left some more shape. A few touch ups here and there as well. I’ve got about four ideas I can develop into this landscape so once I’ve got more down I’ll start experimenting with the figures I’ve got in mind.

Thanks for looking!


Thanks for stopping by my thread!
I must say that your background is absolutely stunning! It is so interesting to watch how people work through different ways of coming to a finished painting. This one looks like it’s gonna be a winner!

Best of luck and I’ll be popping back soon.


awsome peice!
loving your clouds… having a bit trouble with mine! :slight_smile:

what’s the story ?


Looks promising! Like the colours, keep it coming :slight_smile:

  • Thankyou Nekomouse, I guess we all work differently. Some of the entries here have already opened my eyes to different techniques!

  • Thanks Alwyn, I’ve got about four stories in my head for this one I’ll try and fit in the one that works best with the landscape I think.

  • Thanks Dimitrij. I certainly will.


I love the etheral quality in the clouds and the way that, at the same time, they take on some of the mountain-like quality of the rocks.

I am imagining the figures quite small on here. I think that could add to the grandness of the design.


The colors looks pretty cool. I like the clouds alot, how you almost made it to look like mountains. Majestic feel yet calming scene. Keep it up and good luck!


Stage 5, I guess this is a WIP now! I’ve added a planet (which might be a little to prominent) and started working the rocks a bit more. I’m not sure about the rocks on the left at the moment they might change drastically at some point. I desaturated the rocks to the right a little and added more detail. I’m thinking of either a first encounter scenario unfolding or possibly a we-all-live-together kinda deal. I toyed with the idea of alien riding human, or human riding alien but there’s a few like that already. Thanks for looking!