Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Axel Alonso


-Dimitrij- Thanks so much for the tip! Help lots in these times of awful deadlines! :argh: And am in rush madness time here with the tablet, so far I think I can pull it off!:lightbulb Pray for good art ideas in my process meantime haha! Thanks so much again! :smiley:

LOVE your entry!:drool:


Hey Axel, great sketches my friend, like a lot the design on the “masters”, really great. Love the expression for the master of water, and cool pose. The whole composition looks really nice, working well. I like a lot the robo-cat pet, I think that the robot highlights the dependence of the human in technological development and think it’s a great contrast with the masters. :smiley: Maybe you need to take out the bunny transporter, or put on other site, now cuts a bit the nice silhouette of Tera :slight_smile: Again relly great work my friend! Cheers!! :beer: ( le tienes que meter velocidad a esto! otra vez estamos a límite :smiley: vamos Axel, dale duro al te verde y a la brocha :D)


Hey buddy! Gracias Fer! …

Sooo no bunny bot! awww! But I wont it! hahahaha!:wip:

alright I will post tonight the color shades in all the comp and you let me know …since the time wont allow me to do much editing in composition right now…and I think her pose needs that sit on the back? dont you think?:wink:


Axel come on there 's not that much time . Good luck you gonna sleep after .


yup yup axel!! :bounce: seeing all your characters sketches, pleeeeze finish this quickly!!
i wish you good luck!! :thumbsup:


Alright I change the composition a bit! just to shake up my brain in a different way! and add some more negative space to my main character “Tera” the girl from earth! I think I will keep the whole thing like its is …no time to fix up more things here but just to paint! ANY COMMENTS Are sooo much welcome though!


I am tired! LOL :smiley:

So here’s some more contrast on each character’s colors and I still need to work in all the ship reflective material, and casting shadows! and I will smooth up everything till the end almost ! hahah so like in 1 day I guess that it !
Thanks sooo much for all the comments and feed back! I will replay later on with some more time!


Axel you are on the speed Way Great !


hey axel, now that image is uplifting!

i like that effect of having the galaxy on the background. i alsonoticed that the quality of your work is improving :thumbsup:

goodluck to you


Hey Axel, really cool ! Like a lot the colors on the image :thumbsup: . The background looks great, cool touch for the atmosphere on the image. Maybe you need more light on the nebula and the planet and gain a great back lighting for your scene :slight_smile: Again, great work my friend!! Cheers!! :beer: ( vamos Axel ya queda poco :D)


Buddy! It’s sweet to see you are so far in the process now! Overall it’s looking real good!

It’s awesome the difference of size and mass of the purple guy and the little wind master, I can’t tell which’s my favorite :smiley:
hey, I have to bother you with a couple things about colors getting mixed up, First, the girl’s hair is way to dark and is mostly lost against the space BG, you could make her a red head or something and save yourself some further trouble. Then, the water master is right in front of the earth, which is blue too, I love the water halo but it is just the same hue as the master, maybe if you change the halo to more of a turquoise, y’ know a bit more green, it would stand up better against the earth and frame the master too. also I think he could use some more highlights on his body to make his wavy contours clearer.

I also had trouble telling the cat robot appart from the girl’s body, It’s probably just me, but right now he is way too dark for the rest of the scene and his gray-greens seem quite similar to those in some parts of the girl’s suit.

Sorry for being such a hassle, but since I’ve been out for so long I thought that was the best I could do to make up for it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Doin’ great Axel. Keep it up.

time for toast oh yeah…


Eric-THANKS BUDDY! I love your entry! Love that evil free drugs Queen!:wip:

Manny-Thanks so much! Sorry about the bad presence in the thread a bit too busy on time lately, and thank for the watch and time to make your self in here
always glad to see your work! Great game you are doing!:lightbulb

Fer-AMIGOOOO I can’t possibly say I did this by my own with out your help I wouldn’t just finish right:beer:

Gabriel- o man! You just tell me the best way to save time every time you say what’s to fix! Thanks so much! When I grow up I want to be just like you hahahaha ! We want toast!:wink:


ooh ! I post the wrong oneee! heres the good one!So I need to know what do you guys see that should be improved? since I am really tired and I need those details to take them off! and submit! hope you guys see it on time?


grrr why Tera’s color look so saturated! I hate that hahaha! my PS does not shows that way! I have to fiz that and a bit less to the Cat’s color as well!

Here’s a better file size!:smiley:


ALright Thanks for the help Gabriel and Fernando ! I did what I think looks better? although any comments I’ll wait till 5 pm to post the final! hahaha!


HEY AXEL! LOVED THE IMPROVEMENTS!! the fire guy is sharper now, and those purple shines on the kitty robot are nice too.
To be honest I still have trouble finding the purple guy’s face, but maybe it’s just me hehehehe, Aaaaaaaanyway I think you landed it pretty well in despite of the crazy schedules you carry :smiley:

Cheers buddy! great work. I just love the little wind master, the more I zoom it the more I like the details and crazy design! :scream:


Tera the New Master of Earth

In the time of the earth when the human race used to fear the sky, there was trouble in their world, there was fear to knowledge and fir this reason ignorance to the universe gifts.
Then one girl in her planet earth, was curious about this knowledge she felt in some way incomplete and part of her left alone in the universe, her name was “Tera”.
She alone was a genius; able to invent and to create magnificent science objects, able to help her kind to get a better understanding of working in a better planet! She even did her best assistant for her every day challenges; a robot cat called “Kit-Bot” and her transportation assistant “Cone-Bot”
Then one day while looking at the stars with her robot friends, she saw an strange change of color in the sky a green cloud of stars and since she first saw it she didn’t felt fear, although respect as if watching an enormous ocean depth from a ship. The cloud all by the sudden emit a pillar of bright turquoise light at her and she saw a tunnel in it, with not a visible end even so she get in it, with the hope to find the answers she seek along her friends.

While walking in the pillar’s tunnel, alone in the sound of perfect quite silence and harmony in it, after realising them self’s that they were standing on top of a bright platform
and as if she were a star she saw the earth, her planet and home from a big eye shaped window.
All by the sudden she heard fire flames appear as it hearing the sun flames, and yet with not a violent and harmful heat
she felt peace at the moment the being causing the flame dance around him turn him self into a notable shape
.Then a big wind blow her hair to realize there was lights of yellow bright light as fireflies around this wind
and all by the sudden the wind take form into a beautiful and joyful and little being , compared to a fairy he could be the reasons why the exists
.full of energy and with graceful movements he dance in the wind while he watch her face admire the lights
by the precise moment; a zoom was heard and at her back was a platform taking form from the ship’s wall and at the same time emitting a bright blue light and she heard bubbles and splashes from this light
it was as if water have gone mad with out gravity
.then a being appear from it
around a big bubbliest aura of light and bright blue shades, the sound and echo of water was every where
.he appear 1sth a big blue frog , although his eyes were more kinds than anything she ever saw before
and he moved a long tale full of different fish textures in a very graceful way inside his bright water cocoon

She could not believe all that was happening at the moment her breath was full of joy , and at the same time her heart was in a strange place were fear was not a possibility of any reason
Like this was not enough around this wonderful elemental beings

She saw them looking at her and at her back
…she turn around

Something else was creating
something that could be an small representation of the cloud of stars she saw before
in purple, violet and deep bright pink shades of light
He took form and was an enormous being compared to the rest of them he had small bright eyes and mouth and his body was inside a bright violet aura

He had a crystal in his hands or they appear to be their hands
.and then He spoke

master and guardian of the universe’s element called Ether, and among us are my brothers “FIERI” guardian and master of the flame, “OPLET” of the water, and “AVEIAN” of the wind

And we have come to you and we salute you

… Our new sister of the planet Earth and our new Master and Guardian of EARTH “TERA”
This crystal symbolizes our 1sth union to create a better alliance of harmony in our planets and our Universe

…May this be a day of days
. And from then she didn’t felt alone anymore

Hope you guys read it hahaha! I enjoy all my little histories in all this colourful friends I create for you and of course for me!


AND THIS IS IT! all the fun on my colors in the universeeee haha!


here they are I finish I like them hahaha!

The master of Water “Oplet”

and Wind for my good buddy Gabriel Here’s “Aveian”


u you want more? Here’s moreeee hahaha!

So here its Master of Ether and Fire " Etherian" & “Fieri”