Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Axel Alonso


Marco-Thanks for the support and the warm comments! I like a lot the wedding idea and design!

Fer- AMIGOOOO GRACIAS! Thanks my friend I am so happy you like the concept, I am a bit far to catch up, but no worries I will do it! Even if that means to put “Chanel and Edea” to help in, by cleaning up all my line work hahaha! Y seguire fumando! Verde es vida!

Jacob-Thanks a lot for the visit I am still waiting to see what going on in your galaxy my friend!

KYKhalil- I am happy to see you here my friend always glad to hear all your feed back!

Gabriel- so I am saving you at last coz you are special (jajaja) you know its all lies right? Well my friend , I am very glad that the composition wont have to change that much coz with all the details I always like to do , my concern was really the what to do with the comp! So thanks! And I agree the girl from earth has to make sense in this! If not
.Well at least I did for us hahaha!


cool stuff, ill keep an eye out for more! keep up the good work.


Well Here it is Tera, the girl from the human world, witch also represent the earth element She will be in the ship were all the other element’s master are showing the galaxy and some far away word!

I am working my lines to show the comp… and still not sure of I should include the robot pets, the cat “gat001” can do communication (like a high tech cellphone) and also can deliver any message, the dog called “Chan-bot” can do all as a high tech laptop will do … and also can transport the girl when she use him as a skate board…maybe I am not to sure if to include them or not in case it’s 2 many characters already hmmmm?

what you guys thik? pets not pets?


Slav- Thanks so much for drop by my galaxy! I like a lot yours since the begining! I am glad to have your support :smiley:


Axel! :slight_smile:

Really nice sketches and concepts. Looks like it’s going to be a very imaginitive and colourfull composition. Can’t wait to see more.

Keep up the great work!



Hey Axel you did a lot of nice sketches for the character .I want to see more .


Awww what a cutey! I like her, About the pets, there’s two ways to go:

You can use them to show she’s a regular girl with attachment for nice kiddie things, so she doesn’t look too mature in her position as an elemntal.

You can also use them as a contrasting element in the picture, and a little bit disturbing out of pure cuteness, like some surrealist artists do these days, not so much as Mark Ryden, but in that direction.

Or you can dump them later on if you don’t like them, just make sure where ever you place them they can be removed without leaving a hole in the composition.

Or you can do the aliens cute too… hehehe … no wait!! please don’t do that.


Dimitrij- Thank so much for keeping on eye well 2 hehe in here! I am also really glad that you like the colourful enthusiastic composition I am leaning forward to! Wait for more fun haha! :bounce:

Eric- Hey ! Wow Thanks for that warm feed back, I really try to do something a bit more my way in this designs so I am gad you like them so far! :wink:

Gabriel- You’re right! They shall be not that cute haha! I really appreciate the comments and feed back they help me a lot I am doing as you said so in getting the pets just to assume that if they don’t work, I can easily get rid of them as you mentioned, since what I want its to get the message clearly and not just make it harder to understand! Thanks for than good input! And so very glad you find her, as cute as I did!:smiley: yay!


Hey Axel, nice sketch so far ! :thumbsup: Really cute girl. I like the “innocent” look on her :smiley: The robot cat looks great! The addition of the pets must agree with the idea you want to transmit, either as a complement, emphasis on some point on your concept or as part of the personality of Tera. I think it might be interesting to show some technological elements (such as a robot) against “mystical” aliens, I dont know … :smiley: Great work ! Cheers my friend! :beer:


Hi Axel

i took some time to read your thread today
i’m really impressed by the story … very nice concept!
i imagined myself having this meeting … it’s so excinting thinking about that!
and very nice concepts to the masters … they seem to be so wise … a race you look at and respect, and know that they’ll add so much to our life experience!
the girl is very cute … i personally prefer the scene without pets … they are really cute but i think a more natural contact is best seen in this composition

nice work mate!


Hi, Axel!!

Good to see you here!

Amazing sketches!



Hey, your work is full of character and life, very energetic! I really like the robot cat too… best of luck to you in this competition, I look forward to seeing your image come together!


HI everybody!
Sorry for the lack of presence on the uplift universe, but work has been a bit tough this days!

Now I am posting the line work I am in the present working with all of them are in the final composition witch I am hoping I can post that tomorrow in color ! Thanks so much for all the good feedback! and comments of all kind!


Here’s Tera the kid from earth, she will be looking toward the Big Master of Ether! not sure yet of the robo-pets get the right mood for her , one (Bunny-bot)its her transportation’s gadget,and the (kitty-pot)cat will be her communication and task assistant , witch I am going to make him do an small hologram of our planet!


Fer- Thanks Amigo! jaja! :scream: Hey I think I need more café buddy, I hope I can catch up to you!:banghead: And I agree about the element of technology in this theme…so I think the robot pets might add something here, if not, Maybe just keep her sit?:surprised

Filipe- I am taking all your input into this theme, I am greatly thankful for all the good points,:slight_smile: I hope also the pets in this concept won’t take off the nature contact that I am willing to do in here as well!:wise:

Carlos- Thanks so much! Good to see you in here my friend what news are cooking with your work? In this, Or for later projects, hope I can see them soon.:thumbsup:

Kenneth- Love your avatar! hehe…Well I am very glad for the nice feed back, :)I hope this style will do to transmit the best of my idea, please drop by anytime, your comments are very much welcome!

Thanks Again! :wavey:


This is the element of Fire {she-he} will be in the back of the ship looking at her from the back…

Then again composition in color its on the Paint Lab already :smiley:


He will be besides the Ether master, and the Fire Master, inside a Bubble aura that will float so he can move freely any where, in this case he will use it to contemplate the explanation of the birth of this new master!


The last master, he will be in the front camera since he is the smallest of them all! haha…and He will take part in the comp. by the left front corner…again looking at the event.


Hi this is my 1sth steps on the color composition …I have some advances in all of them , Although I think this is a best post image for making a clear idea of what’s going on in the ship…I had some difficulties on posting a 150 kb image in here (even saving it for web dev. )so maybe I am doing the same as always and I am adding to much detail for the size of the canvas? what you guys think?


Hola Sir Axel! :slight_smile:

I’ve been quite busy with work for a while but now I’m back :slight_smile:

I really like your new composition and the sketches are wonderfull! You don’t have much time - so I hope that you get everything done!!!

As for the 150 Kb - you just have to lower the quality of the JPEG compression - maybe to around 80 percent - it worked for me.

Keep it up, Amigo :slight_smile: