Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Arne Reismueller


Arne Reismueller is entered in the “Uplift Universe Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Work In Progress: barfight


just something quick to get started here.




the second concept is awesome…definately go for it
and gooood luck :thumbsup:


The second concept is fantastic, i love the composition…so tight, not much to crit at all, accept (and this is personal taste only) I’m not entirely sure you need the broken glass in the assailants hands?. When i first saw the concept i had a good laugh because i love the “hey excuse me tiny” senario. the design of teh aliens eyes are very comical, I.E non too serious…but when i see the broken glass bottle in the mans hand, it really adds a sobering tone to the piece, which i think defeats the purpose…I think a closed fist would support the image just as well imho…

But again its just a personal taste issue, not so on a technical level.

Great work so far, look forward to more :slight_smile:



LOVE IT, i gonna pop in here again


I love your second option, I like the humor and the pose and composition.
Best luck,


Hi Arne!

Your second concept looks really cool. I can directly imagine the lighting on the big guy with the lamps illuminating his belly and his head vanishing in the smokey atmosphere of the bar. :slight_smile:

You should definetely put some extra work into the poses. The human looks cool but you might bend him a bit more into the action. I also think, that it would be cool not to let him look around just yet because that will leave the beholder with the impression, that he knows more than the protagonist.

The pose on the beaten up alien does not really work yet. He’s too stiff and should “hang” more. You have the chance to do some really nice line flow there and it would add to the characterization of the figures.

However, thumbs up and good luck!


@Halo89: thank you!!
@LightSovereign: thanks! i also wasn’t too happy with the broken glass in his hands. problem was, that he did look too friendly. so i wanted to give him something to make him frightening. but folloing the crit of digitaldecoy i don`t need this anymore.
@RhyderKey and dharmaestudio: thanks!
@digitaldecoy: hey thank you! very good point with the poses (i also wasn’t so happy with the thin alien, but my paper was too small). changed it, thanks!

let’s have some update…


some little changes and more detail added


started painting the background.
everything will be painted with my sweet old photoshop6.0


had much work to do and when i came back to my concept here, i didn’t like it anymore. want to do something more friendly…



i’ll keep my “eye” on this. …good luck


brilliant line work

woud be great to see some colours.



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