Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Andrzej Sykut



best of luck man.


An amazing final… Great work! :applause:


Splendid Image! Vibrant Colours ,beautiful Composition, And Fantastic Lights!


i love the colour on this one man and you finished thats good also nice approach , making it peaceful in stead od an invasion or somthing along that line …although i choose conflict its nice to see somthing different


Nice variation of textures. Lightings colors and Composition are slick! Nice entry. Your thread deserves more attention. Good luck! :thumbsup:


I’m really, really happy to hear that :slight_smile: Thanks guys :beer:


Good variations in this piece :thumbsup: You make it even harder to win anything :wink:


Hello Andrzej,

Fantastic finish. Your lighting is phenomenal. Best of luck.


woooow… I really like your work… reminds me of jerusalem and the years spent in middle east… I think you really managed to capture the right atmosphere… lights and proportions are great… good job


Really fantastic illustration! I love letting my eyes wander through it.

Way to go azazel!


Hey Andrzej, wooooww really fantastic image!! Love the perspective on it, really cool !! And the lighting is simply great!! Congratulations for this superb image!! Best of luck!! Cheers mate! :beer:


Awesome work dude :slight_smile: as usual, you deliver!


i really like this concpet. being a US Marine in Iraq, i recently got to walk through one of these in Doha, Qatar… good illistration. you got my vote :slight_smile: Great work!:thumbsup:


this piece is so warm and very inviting!! feels like being there! congrtulations on finishing! :thumbsup: all the best mate! :thumbsup:


top top work mate…

really awesome lighting and composition



Wow. So glad you guys like it.
Weatherdown and u56237z, your words mean a lot, and make me feel very happy ;). I’ve spent some time in middle east myself, as a kid… it was sooo long ago, but something must have stayed with me. I don’t think there’s any direct memory in my mind that is similar to this image, but looking at varius references for this project has brought back some good memories for sure, and some of that must have reached the final image ;).


A well put together image Andrzej. Again I have to reiterate this, your image is something that everyone should come and show love to, because of the execution the narrative and the techniques involved, and to check out a really nice image. Congrats, I think you’ve won this challenge if not get placed somewhere. Later. I hope to see you join the next challenge. This image is what direction I want to go in. Time to get back to painting.:wink:


This is my favourite entry :slight_smile:
Love the colors and lights!


Flippin cool image ,if it was up to me ,I would give you first place.The colours and atmosphere
are top notch ,congrats on making such inspiring art!


Beautiful final :drool:
Your effort really shows :]
Very very nice use of colors and lighting.

edit: spelling lol :wink: