Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Andrzej Sykut


Finally, some life in there. Done with 3d, now the fun part - postproduction :). Seems i’ll make it :smiley:


man that lighting is friggen amazing!!!

this one is awesome!

one crit tho…there is no focus…even tho i know what is going on and it looks fking awesome…is there a story or meaning or message?

but man it looks sweet



I see what You mean. First i wanted the souk to be just a background to more up-close human-alien encounter. But the more i worked on it, it got a life of it’s own, and now i’m more leaning towards ‘snapshot from the souk’ than ‘definite story’ feel. Nevertheless, with some post trickery, i’ll try to guide the eye towards that guy with the backpack, buying something. I’ll do one more lighting pass on characters (some fills, some rims here and there should add some clarification), and add some detail to the important ones. Thanks for the crit :slight_smile:


Hey Andrzej, very very realistic render and succes composition. Texturing is beautiful.What do you use for rendering?

Cheers :beer:


Ahmetekn, thanks man :). For rendering, i use Vray. Simple setup, Vray sun, Vray sky, indirect ilumination on (with Primary bounces multiplier cranked up a bit), some color mapping, and couple of little area lights to add bit more detail. Texturing is also simple, mostly mixed photographic textures, some Vray dirt… half of those objects is not even textured. Sometimes simple blinn shader with flat color, and right light setup, is enough :).

By now, I have most passes rendered out in final resolution, only few more to go… time to sleep now :wink:


Its looking really nice azazel, wonderful ambience! May I suggest turning the head of the alien on the far left so he’s looking back over his shoulder, right now I think he loks too similar to the alien over on the right side. Small thing and i know time is short, just get it done!!



Your lighting is INSANE!!! I had to do a double-take to make sure I wasn’t looking at photo reference!


Rayn, to late to re-render the 3d, to many passes - but i see the problem now. It’s not that visible now, unless i look for it, tho. Photoshop rules :). And for now, the passes i have rendered…


Ok, i’m probably done. Gonna let it sit for a while, and see if there’s anything i’d want to change tomorrow morning.


OMG! Incredible rendering and texturing! :drool: Andrzej, the most realistic scene yours in this challenge :wip: .You are master of Vray :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


Great use of colour and nice feeling to this piece. :thumbsup: Maybe some fruits can be slightly different colour and not all orange, same with grains? Just nit picking here… :wink:


Well… Andrzej, I am totally amazed. Lighting, textures, mood are all very well composed. This piece of art is surely going to be rewarded. It’s pretty obvious to me I have to learn more when I see pictures like this.


At first I thought your approach was really wacky but now I can see the benefit. I did a comission recently where this kind of approach might have been beneficial… getting the lighting and composition working first then doing the rest… it is more like how I work with digital painting.


Thanks, guys. I’ll try to add some variation to the fruits and grain.

John Keates: I think that kind of approach works only sometimes. It worked here for some reasons:

  • lighting is what i really love to do, and i want to get to it as fast as possible
  • first thing i noticed, looking at various souk references, was the light - that was what made me choose this theme
  • since i’m my own art director and supervisor here, there’s no acceptation process, and i can work in any order i wish, and there’s only one, final deadline ;).
  • forgetting the light for a moment, working out the main composition and layout first makes me work faster - i already know what i have to model, where to put it, what will be seen, and what i can ignore. That’s why i was able to finish it in a week - i spend 10-11 days on it, total. Maybe 4 at the beginning, and a week now.

I wouldn’t probably work for a paying job, can you imagine explaining to the client what all those boxes realy are? ;P. On the other side, simple screen grabbed animatics are pretty common, but they are all about the motion, not light.


wow, this is simply amazing. the lighting is the best i have seen here and your models and textures are great too.
good luck


Wow: that has become some phenomonal work! :drool: The lighting and shading are amazing - it gives really the feeling of a nice warm day on a market. I also really like the subtle idea about the alien-mankind interaction. The passes you rendered are very interesting - it seems you took allot of time for the postproduction, but it’s worth it! :slight_smile:

All the best on the final details!


Yet another adventure for the Red Jacket Guy - this time, the journey took him to a souk, on a hot, sunny world. A place where you can buy many different things, and meet various individuals of many races and origins, getting along peacefully (mostly). There are better things you can do with aliens than fighting them - trading is one of such things.

I had tons of fun creating this image, even if the time was short, and lots of work to do. But i’m happy with the way it turned out. Thanks everyone for your support, and good luck to everybody participating in the challenge.


This is one of my favourites…the lighting is INSANE, and the environment is so natural when it comes to “alien and human interaction”. Good luck!


excellent !
The composoting is amazing !
Great job Andrzej !


Hey Andrzej, very impressive and realistic scene :drool: . Congrats and good luck :thumbsup: