Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Andrzej Sykut


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Latest Update: Final Image: Trip to the souk


Long time since i last participated… time to fix that.
I don’t know the Uplift books, and probably won’t have time to read any BEFORE starting to work… Ok, that’s what i have in mind: A souk, market, some kind of trading place, full of various aliens, getting along and doing business. Main point of the image would be a transaction between human hero and alien-looking seller - with lots of things happening in the background. I was thinking of making a bloody alien vs. humans battle, with explosions and all, but trade seems to make more sense than slaughtering each other ;).

The image here is just a quick previz in 3d, to work out some technical things, like the curved perspective camera, and to play with light and colors a bit. No characters yet, no nothing really, just some boxes and spheres and planes. Still, actually quite fun to do.
More to come.


Hey man good to see you in the challenge. It has been a while for me too. I am looking forward to see what you have in store for us.

Matt :slight_smile:


Ciekawy stat, zycze powodzenia :thumbsup:

Interesting start, good luck to you :bounce:


digging your lighting and keen to see where you were going to go with this :slight_smile:



where are those aliens in the market? :slight_smile: waiting for that ! keep it up


hej Andrzej :slight_smile: nice story (definitely better than fight scene), can’t wait to see the progress, nice perspective too =)


Thanks for the kind words :). I’m hella busy currently, so not much time left for personal work ;/. Trying to get back to this ASAP. :wip:


COOOL!!! im on a similar idea (a spaceport bazaar)…but…your first steps on this challente ROCK OVER!!!:drool: KEEP IT UP!!! cant wait to see more!
Damn guys all around! how much skilled u are!!? he he he…:beer:


Finally some progress… the difference between this one and te previous image is two days work ;). Since there’s not much time left, i’m seriously considering mixing some techniques, and using dressed-up, and photographed people to populate it. With some obvious 3d add-ons for aliens ;).


Ok, environment is almost done. I’ll add some more details, signs, neons, more clothes hanging, some more wires and pipes tonight, and that’s it. Still have to render it out in hi-res ;). There will be lots and lots of 2d work here, to add more texture, grafittis and that kind of stuff. Tomorrow it’s time to work on the characters, though…


Hey Andrzej, looks pretty good. I think you could use less saturation with the deep, now I wait for characters =) cheers.


Yes, i’ll do some desaturation in the background, that and some fog or haze, so the street does not end so abruptly. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello Andrezj, Its nice to see another old face around here :). I had missed your entry till just now, you need to update more often cus its looking really nice. I agree with the thought about desaturating the distance a bit to add some more depth. Keep going man you havn’t much time left!



Now i have this idea… about the characters. Why not use my characters from previous challenges, most of which were s-f themed, and put them in here? The red jacket little guy from ‘journey begins’, the fat space pirate from ‘grand space opera’… IMO they would fit well in here. Souk is a place where all kinds of beings meet, and all my images recently are set in the same universe anyway. It would save me a lot of time, and look better than composited-in photography. Here’s a test of the red guy (no detail, he was originally meant to be 50 pixels high :wink: )

Ok, env is mostly done now. Desaturated the bg a little, more in the final postproduction. I could probably go on adding more details, but the scene is getting sluggish, time to stop that.


Wow: very nice stuff! I like your scene so far very much! :cool: Your first concept image looks also great: I like the abstract modelling, but realistic lighting.

About your idea of using previous models: it’s very smart, but I don’t know if it’s allowed according to the rules?

It will be quite a challenge to get the mood of a crowdy marketplace?! All the best: I can’t wait for more! :cool:


nice …do the judge 2d and 3d as one cause this image is scary i cant compete with this…nice


Some WIP: the human, revamped from the previous challenge… don’t worry, i know the face is sloppy, not gonna see it anyway ;). He won’t be main focus point… now the alien heads, an hour each. I’ll have to make some bodies now, and alternate the heads to create more variations…


I would love to see you finish this and make it amazing. Good luck making the deadline. I am confident that you will do it though.


Here’s my alien crowd… ok, some ladies as well, those are no aliens ;). Texturing will be very simple and procedural, most of that stuff has no uvs. Back to work :slight_smile: