Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Alwyn Talbot


few more bits in.

last update for a week, off to New York tomorow! everyone’s going to finished by the time i get back eek!

A :slight_smile:


yo neubius good paint over here i have one suggestion …try to scale down the character on the beast like 75% like pushing abit in the back it gonna bring more depth in the composition…or scale up the girl…i don’t know just an idea…


nice one, i think your on to something there :slight_smile: will do



It is progressing really well! Nice dynamic between the characters. I think that Jaba’s suggestion is really good. If you ever decide too scale down the male character, maybe the contrast of his skin tone should be decreased a bit too, just a thought.
Great work! Keep it up!!! :slight_smile:


Nice developement. You know my feelings for those cloud colors. I think I would desaturate them a bit more actually. I also think rescaling the beast/man would help a lot.


Looking good! I love the whole Pitch Black/Riddick feel. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t hitchhike, but don’t you point your thumb the way you want to go? So If she wanted to go the same direction as the guy, I would think it would be more natural to use the other hand to hitchhike with, pointing in the direction she wanted to go.


One small sugestion. Although it might be a lot of work the picture would have more balance it the planet/moon behind them was in the center. The way the picture is now it is clearly cut as two separate pictures. Maybe a smaller planet/moon (like in ‘A New Hope’ or in Pitch Black) overshadowed by the big bad planet to the right.


Spot on crit, plus a bit of haze washing up the horizon line and under the beast legs, as smoke clouds rising when stomping, that might help too. I’d use the girl’s jacket tones in the beast skin as well, to balance a bit the palette.
The lighting is confusing me a bit, it seems to change slightly from one character to another. Maybe a filling one adding a bit o a rim somewhere will help balance that too, but not sure about that anyway.
And as a personal preference, the scars in her face, I’ll take them along the rest of her body, like tribal scarifications of some kind.
The background looks aces and overall quite an impressive pic…:thumbsup:


been on holiday and everyone’s flying ahead now :slight_smile: need to get to work! :smiley:

i’ll reply properly in a a mo ! haha


Donglu-LittleFish > cool , thanks, i’ve resized the character slightly and i think it’s looking better. haze - yeah i did a few experiments with heat haze earlier on, can’t seem to get it right just yet, i’ll keep trying :slight_smile: hopefully something in the next update. thanks man!

MartinNielsen > desaturtaing as we speak :wink: thanks dude!

bigmikey > cheers mate. i’ll try a few angles and se what i can get away with :smiley: thanks.

Gopez > ah i was thinking of adding a few moons ( but don’t want to do my usual trick of adding details untill it’s broken :slight_smile: ) but yeah, i’ll try the planet in the middle, will update shortly. cheers :smiley:

harachte > thanks for the poinbters about the creatures pallet, i’ve been putting off adressing that for a while :slight_smile: i’ll try that out!

cheers folks


…long way to go ! and under 2 weeks left :confused:


Yeah, the planet in the middle makes a more balanced composition. It would be nice to have some soft flowing dunes in the back, to make the ground less flat. I also think that extending the canvas down would help too, cause the beasts paws and the girls feet are touching the bottom margin atm, which makes it more difficult to understand the spatial relationship between the two. Those are my suggestions so far. Keep pushing man!


thanks man, really usefull stuff :slight_smile:
i reckon i’ll be doing all of those !



i’m never going to finish this thing!


But if you do, you should definetly not cut off her feet in that fashion. :slight_smile: Better cut off beneath the knees.


i’ll try that too man,



minor change to composition… and a couple more deatils in…


4 days to go!

just to change the angle of her thumb and re paint the dude’s shirt.

after that just balancing and try and bring it back together as a decent image :confused:



just got to fix her hand ( a better angle , as you can’t tell she’s hitch hiking ) and do a bit of work on the lighting and maybe i’ve finished…



Just in time A! Glad you made it. The thicker atmosphere in this one is good, cause it brings everything together and makes the image less contrasty.
Be proud man, you’ve got the wow-factor with the creature design and the sexy girl, an insane amount of detail in the clothing and skin pattern, and a nice background for the characters to sit in. It’s the whole package! Congratz :beer: