Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Alwyn Talbot


Wicked! the detail in the shadow of the zip is brill!


Yeah, that’s a yummy tough alien chick :wink:


I was off due to some reasons, but i have made my mind up to continue on the “video category” on this challenge. Thus I gave up with the “image category”. I wish i have time to complete both but schedule is tough and time gets short. I pray and hope i can produce a good video here. :cool:. Let’s see anyway.

I have changed my signature link to show the video category entry!!

By the way, your character looks like really Vin Diesel, haha! Your all work like a sci-fi book cover of 70s.


KU2GUN > ah, cool. i’ll go over there and check it out :slight_smile: nice one mate, can’t wait to see what you come up with!

js3d > yay, glad you think so! i wanted her to be atractive, but i didn’t want it to be gratuitous / cheesy.

DaVee > thanks man, really enjoying doing the details…but seem to be starting new ones all the time :confused: eek :slight_smile:

mmbenya > cheers man! :smiley:

sasquatch70 > thanks! though i may carried away. haha

i’d better get as much done as possible in the next few days. going to new york for a week on friday!


slow progress…


Very nice work, Neubius :thumbsup: One issue I have is the warm colors on the clouds. It looks like they are illuminated by a red sunset, but the light on the alien female looks more cold. Like a different light source. On the other hand the color contrast makes the female stand out from the background, so the color composition actually works here. Just a thought :slight_smile:


ah, thanks man

i’ve got a colour ajustment layer just for her, i thought i’d over done it ( with lots of red ) i’ll turn it up! cheers mate :slight_smile:



nice work so far man. but one thing if is not too late. why the pants and not the skirt? . i mean… come on! she has to be almost naked … it looks like a hot place! :slight_smile:

Keep going . dont listen to my crappy feedback



she’s got gear to carry !
:slight_smile: thanks dude


Nice color and character, love the beast character, Good luck with the challenge:thumbsup:

Uplift Universe


still got a heap of stuff to do on both characters. but i think i’m going to start looking at the background, work out what need to be there / done.

: )


Looking good. The sand still too flat but it’s just the beginning, right? keep it up ^^


This is just amazing to watch. The standard of your work is superb. I was wondering about the animal/beast. Perhaps some slight difference in the colour around the eye and mouth/gums areas and colour/saturation on the horns would add some interest. Or maybe not, because you clearly know what you are doing


Hey A, I’ve been meaning to ask you, what are the clouds made of? Cause it would be strange to have water-clouds in a desert like yours. Maybe its a dustbowl comming this way? And that’s why she’s asking for a lift? I think that would echoe the swirly planet on the background… just some thoughts…

I’m really enjoying the movie poster quality of the picture. Keep 't commin.


JoPu > cheers dude !

Pegahoul > yeah , just getting started on that. :slight_smile: thanks man.

mdavid > thanks. your definitely right, needs abit of variation. i’ll see what i can do.

GaeasHerald > hey , thanks dude! :smiley: haha you know, i hadn’t thought about that! i just wanted to paint some clouds! haha . hmmm you’ve got a point though :confused: going to have to find a way to work them in! many thanks,


Nice one Alwyn, I like the sand texture and all those nice little details you’ve added to the girl. I’m wondering what you’ll do with those clouds now - but it’s all coming along nicely.


me too! :smiley:

thanks man :slight_smile:


worked a little more in.

flipped it just to try and see it fresh. may preffer it like this ( i think i do this everytime :confused: ) ha

still lots to do! but definately not going to introduce any more elements. polish and balance time i think :slight_smile:



Hi Alwyn! A good likeness on Riddick character! Sorry I come in so late! The female alien has a very well-rendered face. Her pants looks kind of unfinished to me maybe because of the blurry section. The flipped version reads more comfortably. I have to agree with the rest about the clouds. They are too saturated and I notice that you have repeated cloud tiles here. Try to avoid that because it looks unnatural. On another note, are you trying to depict an approaching storm clouds? If so, i suggest cooler and darker colours. Looking up good references will great help here. I suggest adding some footprints on the desert sand especially the one trudged up by the beast.

Keep it up!


jeromoo > thanks man. gald to see you on my thread :slight_smile:

yeah, only just started on her pants. adding the rifle slung across her back and the bag she’s carrying next.
i think your right about the desatuation of the clouds, they do seem a bit intense. don’t worry about the tiling they’re only in place to see if it works :slight_smile: been desperatly trying to fluff the them up too, they are looking a bit spungy wierd to me.

footprints! cool thanks hadn’t thought of that.
cheers for the pointers :slight_smile: