Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Alwyn Talbot


Very cool. I only have one critique, and I know it’s in it’s early phase. I think the creature he’s riding has a very limited color pallete, it would be cool to see some of the colors in the clouds give a little more ambience throughout the piece. It has a nice outlaw/nomad feel to it.

Great work


I love the cool looking beast of burden. Very nice.


cheers dude.
ah the creature, yeah you’ve totally got a point there. i’ve not touched since blocking the main colours in. ta!
glad you like it!


Wow! Riddick! ^^ hehe. I like the alien girl. She’s cool.


hee thanks !! i’ve really enjoyed using clearly recognizable characters to give it a movie feel, but i reckon i’m definately going to loose kudos in the end :slight_smile:

ah well ! :slight_smile: it’s all for fun haha


gradually getting detials in, long way to go still !



little bit of balancing done, few more details in. this may take a while ! :slight_smile:


the more i get done , the more i feel i’ve got to do! eek

lots of time left tho i guess!

planet in back ground , good idea? or is it too busy ?



swirly fun !


This is coming along very nicely Neubius. Here’s a couple of quik comments - take what works for ya. The eyes on the guy are staring abt right; goes with the wrinkled forehead. IF you like, drop the glasses a bit to accent his eye stare. - the face art I like. It may be viable to add to the whole body but that would seem over the top (but hey, this is fiction right? When is goin over the top unacceptable? :-)) The last comment goes for adding a planet also. I like the idea, but you have to ‘feel’ it. Keep goin bud… great work.


cheers for the pointers man :slight_smile:
yeah, think i need sort out his right shoulder for sure (our left ) bit on the chunky side !
the planet i’m still not totally sure about, mad fun painting the swirly bits but it may be to much… it’s inkeeping with the crazy compositional stuff i’m trying to keep it all tied to… but to busy ?

thanks man,


This has really come on since last I looked. The girl’s looking really nice I totally approve of her outfit and the planet in the background is a nice introduction. I reckon that gas giant texture would make a great background just on it’s own, perhaps with a few dusty cloud wisps to make the planet look hot (just an idea). Whatever you do I reckon it’ll come out just great. Keep it up!


ah cool, i’ll try that :slight_smile:

thanks man!


got get some of these details in and smooth out the skin before adding the ‘tattoo’ texturing…


Damn good scene!


thanks man! having loads of fun :slight_smile:


bit more detail in, i seem to be getting a little obsessive! :confused:


Great texture work all around leather, fur, skin etc… Your kicken butt. Can’t wait to see more!


Great work on the woman, you’ve packed so many awesome accessories into here costume she kicks some major @$$ visually! :buttrock:

Matt :)


I like her pose and sensation she convey.
Also jacket texture is nicely painted, leather is well rendered.