Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Alwyn Talbot


mmbenya > thanks man, really apreciate it :slight_smile: yeah i was in to that idea, but visually it just wasn’t happening i suppose. really enjoying the new one tho, happy you like it :smiley:

nightwoodwolf > thanks dude, need to design her outfit now ! going to try and take refference from all over.



ok got the figure filled in. i guess now it’s more urgent to design the outfit…

some more balancing required, also need to think about the extreme background.


a few more details in here too…


Cool A! The metal accesories and the skin texture match very well. Plus, he seems to be staring directly at her bum. lol.


Hey, he look like Vin Diesel in Pitch Black!! Looks very good.

BTW I love this movie.


woooohoooo!! me think so too! :stuck_out_tongue: really cool shading man! just a few things to pump up the volume …

  • since this is a outdoor scene, try adding more bounced light, both for the human character and the creature
  • add a little haze, that will be more inviting and will increase the depth in your image
    all in all … awesome man!! :bounce: looking forward to your next post! :wink:
    good luck bro! :thumbsup:


nwiz25 > definately dude, thanks apreciate the points your absolutely right :slight_smile: nice to have on my thread again man ! peace!

maykrender > hey thanks man :slight_smile: top movie, also i love a good anti hero.

GaeasHerald > hahaha oops he does dosen’t he! ha well, she will have clothes on soon unfortunately :slight_smile:


not 100% sure which way to go here :

the human style clothes suggest asimilation of cultures etc which i guess relates to the brief pretty well.

however the more ‘alien’ outlandish outfit may look better.
what you think ? :confused:


wow - what a great stuff … (speachless)


I like the clothes on the left. As you say, it hints to something a lot deeper going on in the piece: She’s not just a random alien he’s passing, she’s dealt with humans a lot in the past. Also, because those clothes are practical like his, it puts them on an equal footing. The more “sexy” you make her clothes, the more you just turn her into a sex object, and then the power dynamic becomes really trite and boring. (imho.) In fact, I’d suggest keeping the human clothes and giving her a rifle or a pistol. Then it really puts them on an equal power level, which I personally find the most interesting. But hey, that’s just me, good luck with whatever you decide.

p.s. love the face “tattoos,” hope you’ll do more of that on the body too!


walrus > great, thanks for that, decision made :slight_smile:
rifle, excellent idea. would look cool slung across her back perhaps. Would love to hear any comments regarding composition ( as it’s usually my downfall ) cheers!

creARTo >hey thank you ! liking your paece mate. :slight_smile:



Composition? It was fine before you added her. Now it’s claustrophobic because you haven’t compensated for her being in the frame yet. I’d suggest extending it out to the left. :slight_smile:


This is coming along really really well Alywn. The tattoos are particularly cool :slight_smile:


warlus > Ah, perfect. cheers !

looks like i’ll be painting some more clouds ! :slight_smile:


Pearlyking > thanks man!


Hi Neubius :slight_smile:

I see a proportion and pose problem for the guy. Vince’s head seems a little bit too big and stretched and deformed, but maybe it is a choice I don’t know, maybe my glasses :slight_smile: Just a suggestion : the ground could be more on the bottom of the picture to increase the point of view and give a more efficient perspective, maybe :slight_smile:


hmmm yeah, not totally sure about the shape of his head :confused: i’ll look in to it :slight_smile: thanks ( no it wasn’t deliberate, haha )

yeah composition needs a few tweaks, going to try a few little variations out. didn’t think of bring the camera down so to speak. i’ll try it out. maybe some nice texture detail would be nice in the foreground… hadn’t got that far yet :slight_smile:



if i was that guy, i´ll probably be looking at the girl instead of looking at the floor. I like better the sketch at the right for the girl´s costume. Good work so far.


thanks man, having lots of fun.

the one on the right is better yeah - but think i’m compelled to go for the left though, a bit more meaning to it and … a little more tastfull i suppose ! ha



made a start on her properly, think i’m happy with the choice as it will mean a variety of textures and stuff.

got to continue the skin texture or ‘tattoo’ all over also. early days yet! :slight_smile:

oh, and need to start balancing the composition again…