Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Alwyn Talbot


Klasz > hey dude, been searching for that pascal pic with no luck so far. is it in his portfolio ?

Unfortunately not… he never completed his entry to this challenge… so i guess he never finished the pic. Perhaps it’s too old to be found in the contest archives. if you send him a pm, perhaps he’ll be gentle enough to show it to you. it could be interesting…

Good luckk


just working in to the details.

need to reaserch for the second character…


i found the thread i was talking about…
don’t know if it can be of any use for u but…here are some wip pics he posted then…



oh cool, thank mate :slight_smile:


nice palette!

and man! he looks like vin diesel! :wink:

waiting for the new images!


yay! glad you think so :slight_smile: that was the idea

some how i decided it was a movie still, or perhaps a poster :confused: haha


just getting started on the 2nd character…

origonaly is was thinking she’s going to be blue ( in a 70’s sci fi illustration style ) but it may look silly :slight_smile: i’ll try some ideas out as i go :slight_smile:


a bit more in… still need to design her alien atributes.


The main thing would be to pull her eyes out closer to the sides of her head, away from her nose. You’d be surprised how alien she’ll look when that proportion changes.

Kevin Lenagh / Contacting Aliens.


dominochance > thanks man :slight_smile: i’ll try that too



Got to say I am loving the way the beast and rider are interacting with each other…the beasts head position is great. The lighting on the womans face is nice too. Looking brill!


Yeah, the blue skin would look like Mystique from Xmen. Eager to see how get her to look alien and sexy at the same time. Apart from that, I think there’s sth not completely symetrical about the beasts horns. Maybe its just me, or it is meant to be like that…

Oh, by the way, the details are outstanding


Andy–Jones > hey thanks man :slight_smile:

GaeasHerald > alien + sexy, yeah man, that’s going to be the real challenge. yeah kind mystique look… but with clothes! ha
i’ll check the the creatures horns i think your right, thanks :slight_smile:



possible style of second character

silly ? cheesy ? i’ll work it up some more … :slight_smile:


…i think it’s working, :confused: could use an opinion or 2 :slight_smile:



She’s definitely working for me: alien, exotic and beautiful. She vaguely reminds me of the bronze heads from Ife, some of the sculptures I love most.


Whoah! This stuff is superb (I just had a chance to go through your thread from the beginning). I think the new look for the woman is a great idea - I reckon it adds more fun and more interest to the scene


Thaldir > thanks man. …and just did a little image search, your not wrong ! that’s so similar it’s amazing! i was going for that kind of thing but i didn’t realise how simiilar it was.
“alien, exotic and beautiful.” really glad you think so, that was exactly what i was trying :smiley: many thanks mate!

mdavid > cheers dude :smiley: really needed something to balance the whole image… and add the ‘relations’ element. really happy you like ! :slight_smile:



she is coming along … keepe it up :thumbsup:


Hey there, you have a lot of great work here. I really enjoyed the one where the alien’s were being stripped of their technology. But the new one is just too cool! :thumbsup:

Matt :slight_smile: