Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Alwyn Talbot


well,   that idea was sucking so going to do some crazy sci fi.   will do tons this weekend!


Welcome back Alwyn. Good luck with your entry dude!:thumbsup:


yay good wekend! finally did a whole load of work.

i’m digging this new idea, not quite as political or interesting maybe as the last one., but visualy better i think. would love some opinions…


Beelow > thanks man :slight_smile:

this one should be fun!


It start really well keep on


after the eon challenge i seem to have decided to go down the movie poster route again. all good fun anyhow.

feel like i’m making a bit of progress now.



This is looking great so far Neubius. However, there’s something wrong with the Vin Diesel guy, cause his chest is quite small for his bodybuilding arms. He must be doing sth wrong with his workout routine…
Best of luck.


GaeasHerald > thanks man, super helpfull :slight_smile: i’ll get him to do some bench presses :smiley:

i’m glad you could tell who it was supposed to be also, i went through a kind of ‘casting’ procces and thought Vin Diesel would be quite cool in the main role. just got to work out who the alien chick is now :slight_smile:

thanks man,


Nice composition. Very bold coloring, and straight to the point. Great stuff!


Good work !!
I like details of your scene!..
I can not wait to see more!

good luck!


Great !
can’t wait to see more

Your beast make me think very much about an entry Pascal Blanché made a long while ago one a contest called “beast of burden”… he didn’t finish it, but the concepts were really good. you should look at it if you can find it in archives. you will be surprised (or my mind make me remember weird things…)


just got to work out who the alien chick is now :slight_smile:

Michelle Rodriguez? Would make a fine alien temptress with an attitude. Just an idea.


awsome progress!,nice creature design:)i llike how the orangy clouds stands out against the purplish sky,keep it coming mate:thumbsup:


Great art Neubius. Like the style. If this helps, mix the clouds more - they seem too bubbly. And how abt, her thumb is up, tryin to get a ride?


I liked the immigration control idea, but this one works as well. good luck to you.


scala > thanks man! loving your entry !!!

sasquatch70 > that’s good to hear - generally it’s my compositions that let me down, ta!

morganvillette > cheers dude, really enjoying myself !
Klasz > Ah! i love his stuff. i’ll go looking for that now, thanks man :slight_smile:

GaeasHerald > perfect! nice one :smiley:

MichaelZHsee > cheers, i just want to work on it all day now, pesky job getting in the way. haha.

Dragneye > thanks man, this is the first time i’ve attempted clouds with this level of detail, having a bit of trouble , but it’s all part of the fun. going to look at a load of old school painting to see how they are usually handled. updates soon hopefully :slight_smile:

Pearlyking > cool cheers. yeah i was thinking that idea was considerably deeper, but it didn’t really have the visual kick, if you know what i mean.

many thanks folks!



Dragneye > ah! hitch hiking, i didn’t think of that
i’ll try it out.



ok, done a few tweaks, added a few details. and i think this works ( enough for now ) as the frame for the female character. …just need to design her outfit…

i’m thinking maybe in the 70’s sci fi theme that she could be blue ! … bad idea ? :confused: haha i’ll see how it looks :slight_smile:



Hi, really like your last idea! The color palette echoes well with the concept, keep it up!


Donglu-LittleFish > hey thank you, i wasn’t sure if i’d gone a lilttle over the top with sky. glad you think it works :smiley:

Klasz > hey dude, been searching for that pascal pic with no luck so far. is it in his portfolio ?