Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Alwyn Talbot


MartinNielsen, Pegahoul, scala, > Many thanks folks :smiley: makes it all worth while :slight_smile:

and yeah, that was pretty close, it was doing it’s final upload in the last 15 minutes!!

it’s been mad fun :slight_smile: massive luck to you.


All that hardwork really paid off! It’s a great entry and you finished it off perfectly :slight_smile: Good luck mate :slight_smile:


yay, thanks man :slight_smile:


Congratulations on finishing! Solid work! :slight_smile:

The best of luck in the contest!



thanks mate, really enjoyed this challenge :slight_smile:



dude youve really come along way over the years…

another great image…
cool concept and comp…

i can only think to crit on colors…im a big fan or color theory…lol…but maybe it dosent matter and is just me…

looking forwar to seeing more in the future…

well done dood…glad to have you as my post friend…lol



Hey Alwyn, really great image!! Like a lot the mood on it, great lighting! The gestures on the characters are simply great!! :thumbsup: And cool composition!! Congratulations for this awesome artwork!! Best of luck!! And time for a cold beer!! :smiley: Cheers mate! :beer:


Cyberone > thanks man :slight_smile: i definately feel like i’ve been progressing lately. started a new pic allready haha

yeah man, it’s a privilage to work along side you post buddy :smiley:

Ferx > yay thanks man, had lots of fun doing it. i think i may be finally exorcising my composition demons :slight_smile: lol

cold beer or 2 definately mate! :smiley: :beer:



nice entry the only thing that might hurt your chances is the the guys face…he looks like riddick



that’s ok mate, i just do this for fun. ha also, wouldn’t ever consider winning :slight_smile:

i kind of got carried away with the ‘movie poster’ idea, so i kind of casted people for the charaters.

cheers mate :slight_smile:



looking forward to seeing these winners :slight_smile:

anyone know when it’s happening ?

some superb entries, can’t wait :slight_smile:


yea thats an intense illustration that. rich with detail…the jupiter like planet up the back there is a winner :). I do agree the rider looks fairly much like riddick, but that shouldn’t matter too much. and i do preffer the image without the laser riffle on the back for the hitchhiker for sure.

as for the results. about 2 weeks ago, maybe. there was a post suggesting that there would be consesus* coff* ( a little uplift joke that) coff* i mean results within the next two to three weeks…

that could mean anything :).

again fab work here


yay thank you mate :slight_smile:



I feel this one was right up there. Great work. Congrats.


hey :smiley: thanks man !


That’s simply amazing! Alwin Talbot, i’ve been looking this thread many times and i just can say… i hope you gonna win. I’ve learned a lot looking your progress. Good luck :wink:


hey thanks man :slight_smile: really apreciate it. having a small crisis at the minute just not happy with anything i’m turning out

ah well, time to start a new one :smiley:


I llllove your sketch :thumbsup:


hey thanks man

yeah i reckon the sketch is better than the final image! haha oops. :slight_smile:

looking forward to the next challenge !



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